Giant Bomb Previews: Blitz: The League II

Jeff from Giant Bomb writes:

Midway's not wasting any time when it comes to Blitz: The League II. After announcing it at a press event a few months ago, all remained quiet until last week, when Brad and I took a trip into the big city to see a playable version of the game. With around a month of development left to go, the game already looks like it's pretty much done, and Midway's over-the-top sports series has undergone some enhancements that should make it an even crazier game of football than it was last year.

That crazy seems to primarily come from the game's rebalanced clash meter. Clash, in case you were one of the billions of people who didn't play the previous game, is the game's version of turbo. You can hold the clash button on offense to drop everything into slow-motion, making it easier to toss and catch passes. On defense, clash acts as a modifier, letting you bust out more damaging hits. The developers found that people weren't using clash so much in the previous game, and since they don't want people to feel like they have to save up the meter that enables every single thing that makes the game more interesting than the average football sim, they went ahead and made it last around three times as long. Clash tokens, which you earn for pulling off fly maneuvers on the field, are also much easier to earn, which in turn makes the Unleashed super moves more prevalent.

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