Top 30 GTA 4 pics

Game over for the console only GTA 4 time! Now that the PC version has been (hopefully) officially announced, it's time for the PC players to take another look at the graphics of GTA 4. PCGH put together the probably best shots around.

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Masko4360d ago

those pics makes me wanna play it thru a second time. pc gamers will be happy with this

pow3r of t3h c3ll4360d ago

Please don't buy this turd of a game because it will only encourage rockstar to strip even more fun out of GTA5.

But its probably too late already as the console versions have unfortunately already sold too many copies!

Charmers4360d ago

You can tell PC websites are chomping at the bit for some more information on the PC version. A couple of those screenshots are actually fake and some are just artwork lol. I am sure in the fullness of time Rockstar will unveal the premier edition to us. I personally can't wait.