Motorstorm 2: Split-screen screenshots

New screenshots Motorstorm 2

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ia_studio3776d ago

I got so frigging tired of motorstorm.

cwir3776d ago

This is about Motorstorm 2

I'm gonna love this game :)

Cartesian3D3776d ago

after e3 VIDs I think there is no other arcade racer(or even sim) with better damage simulation ...

first one was absolutely fun , but some minor bugs(selecting vehicles) and lack of content and split screen hurt that title..

but this one has EVERYTHING you need for an Arcade racer.. cant wait to play this with my friends (ARCADE WHORES!)

EastCoastSB3776d ago

Burnout Paradise had some pretty spectacular damage simulation.

Cartesian3D3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Burnout:paradise had one of the best car models in driving games. but damage modeling was aweful .. sometimes realistic and sometimes utter Sh!t & Unreal..

but in MS every part has its own physics(may be not even near simulation) but it feels more real in damage modeling .. and the physics are FAR more better, I mean Car reactions after accident (see E3 2008 Vid s and compare it to Burnout)

Cartesian3D3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

it works for me.. here is some of screen shots:

(Btw the link contains 3 artworks and 6 screen shots)

EDIT:I cant attach any image :( sorry .. I tried twice , but it didnt work..

axeblade13776d ago

We had the option to choose between horizontal or vertical split screen in 2-player mode. I heard Baja has this option. I prefer horizontal split screen myself.

3776d ago
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