Landstalker PSP images

BarryH found that Gamekult has archived the Landstalker PSP art. As you can see, it was meant to come out in 2006,'s pretty likely that it's cancelled. The only other shown products of this venture were a looping video of a mountain redone in 3D, and a large diorama at TGS, which was pretty neat

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Darksaviour694351d ago

real shame its been cancelled

TheTwelve4351d ago

Agreed...this was one of my favorite games every back in the day. Would have loved any form of a remake.


InMyOpinion4351d ago

Me too. I loved the games Climax did on the PS1 as well. Alundra 1 in particular.

Gam714351d ago

I loved Landstalker on the Megadrive. It is a shame it's been cancelled.

Would love to play an updated version.

BlackIceJoe4351d ago

I wonder if there is any chance of this game getting uncanceled. Seeing as the PSP is selling really well in Japan right now I could see Landstalker being a big hit. Also I want to play this too. I loved playing it back on the Genesis and I know I would love this remake too.

SaiyanFury4351d ago

This game would kick serious ass. I loved the original and I've actually been replaying Alundra the last few weeks. The Climax team rules. Just too bad it's been canceled.

LeXxXiNgToN3826d ago

Holy carp! I can't believe I missed out such great game back in the day! I would have loved to play this 3D remake. I just wish they would tell us why it got canceled.

For anyone who hasn't seen the psp remake, here is the trailer from a few years back.