Cleavage and more detailed for Gravity Rush Remastered

The ESRB has listed its rating summary for Gravity Rush Remastered, detailing the new gallery mode and more.

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S2Killinit2658d ago

So looking forward to this on PS4! Looks amazing. Love the art design.

Game4Next2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Wish they improved the graphics to look more like their beautiful artwork.

S2Killinit2658d ago

Well Gravity Rush 2 is surely going to look great, its PS4 only. But even Gravity Rush looked beautiful in its own right. Let see what they in store for us with the second one.

Chaos_Raiden2658d ago

Will definitely get this if it is released in English. The original PS Vita version is one of my favourites.

DarkBlood2658d ago

that comment goes well with your pic lol

BlueOnBlue222658d ago

Loved this game on ps vita

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