Microsoft Shows Off PS3, Sony Showcases '07 Titles & More

NEW YORK - A few weeks ago a public-relations representative who promotes the Xbox 360 made an unusual pitch. Xbox executives would soon be coming to town and available for meetings. These execs would have with them an Xbox 360 and a little something extra: a PlayStation 3.

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Maddens Raiders5264d ago

"The 360 guys had read that report too and claimed that was their point all along. "My technology group knows these are basically equivalent boxes in terms of capabilities," Henson said.


Gears5264d ago

Microsoft is going around the US with a 360 and PS3 hooked them up to the same TV and show that the PS3 is not superior. THe funny thing is it is not superior, and the only reason the games look as good as 360 games is because of the art assets, but the framerate and lighting is always better on the 360 version. And the HD-DVD add-on has just as good picture as 1080p blu-ray, funny thing is the HD-DVD was being upscaled to 1080p.

Juevani25264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

hahaha, yeah and they also said that GOW (uses 90% of the 360's power) looks the same as RFOM (A launch title uses less than 20% from the PS3's power) hahahaha.. MS is so desperat, they don't wanna lose the u.s 2 Sony, Sony is dominating japan (PS3 vs 360) they'll take over europe soon since 360 sells in europe s*cks and moste europiens are fans of Sony's products, and if Sony can pull out the magic card and take over the U.S which looks more like realty since reporters starts 2 see the power of the ps3 (I've read it on an artical 2day early, check it out than HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Gears5264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

Gears is using 40% of the 360's power and half of a DVD 9, Resistance uses more than 20% of the PS3's power because even EA uses that much and what that game was 16gb, if you ask me RFOM is a waste of space. LOL PS3 is equivalent to the 360 and will never show any superiority, how many time do I have to post developer comments about the Cell and RSX. About how the Cell would have performed better if it was a traditional CPU, and how the RSX has the same bandwidth as a nvidia 7600 a low end PC GPU. Bottlenecks galore in the PS3, that is why the 360 version of cross platform games have a steady framerate and better lighting. THe CPU in the 360 is better suited for games and it is showing in multi=platform titles. RFOM is no where near a technical acheivement compared to gears of war. The power is equal after you take away advantages and disadvantages. But the 360 has more advantages, like a GPU that runs at 90-95% efficency compare to 50-60% efficency on last-gen GPU, like the RSX. LOL Power of the Cell is so remarkable Tony Hawk Project 8 is almost unplayable in graphically intense areas, framerate dropping to the teens LOL, what about Call of Duty 3 running at 60fps on 360 and 30fps on the PS3, if the PS3 was so powerful wouldn't it be the other way around? Have you been drinking some of Michael Jacksons Jesus juice?

Juevani25264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

where is the link??? this is the first time they compare both games tv next 2 tv and they look equily the same, that means RFOM is bettah, why?? longer game, it have a storie actuelly, bigger maps and millions of thing happening all around at the sametime, more enemys,40 player online, big online maps, more online options, eddective game and its a luanch title, think one year from now, GOW II will look the same since its nothin more 2 do 2 make the console spit more power, and the PS3 will never uses 100% cus it always get updated thats means when a dev thinks he have used 50% of the consoles power on his game(MGS4) Sony drops an update that gives the console/CELL more power so the game the dev though used 50% will go back down to 40% and the newer version of the game he will work on will just use 50% again and the game (MGS5)will look min. 3 times bettah the last one but still uses just 50%, and so on thats an example, didnt u read the artical then u should kid, thats the CELL we are talkin about fully nex-gen with millions of options..

DJ5264d ago

Gears of War used up an entire dual-layer DVD. (7.8 GB out of the available 7.9) He also fails to show links to back up his outlandish claims, which is typical. I guess he doesn't want people to know that the early PS3 beta kits had nVidia 7800 GTXs hooked up to them in order to give devs a taste of what the RSX could do.

Resistance, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, F1 Championship, and Lair are just the beginning.

Gears5264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

It states Gears of War uses half of a DVD-9 LOL. It is in this story.

"They downplayed a seeming Sony advantage on disc capacity: Sony games can come on Blu-ray discs that contain about seven times the data of the DVDs 360 games are made on. Not an issue, Henson said: " 'Gears' is using half a DVD."

Gears5264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

BIG DEAL!!! I have 2 512mb 7800GTX's in SLI, if you want to talk about power. Beside the 360 outclasses the 7800GTX.

DJ could you give me a link where gears takes up 7.8 of available 7.9 Gb of disc space? There isn't one, because you pulled it out of your a$$, I can;t even find it in Epics forums. If Oblivion can fill up half of a dvd-9 gears should use about the same space or less.

TheMART5264d ago


DJ & Juevani2

Got both pwned there. Sony fans are as stupid as donkey ass

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darx5264d ago

I can't even read the article. I hate the channel and now the website. I hate you MTV.

Raist5264d ago

" Not an issue, Henson said: " 'Gears' is using half a DVD." "

Didn't know a DVD could hold 15GB, lol

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