(MicroSoft's) Gosen gets Lippy about "gimmick" controllers

Develop: Xbox VP says 60 per cent of Wii Fit's "digital bathroom scales" owners never play it again; talks up Lips vs SingStar potential.

While rumour and speculation is still rife that Microsoft will eventually join Sony in challenging Nintendo by incorporating motion-sensors into its own controllers, Xbox VP David Gosen yesterday warned against "gimmicky" devices which are disrespectful to new games players.

In both his Gamefest UK keynote and also an exclusive interview with Develop, the former Nintendo and I-play exec and VP of strategic marketing and Live, conceded that format-holders will continue to introduce new user interfaces off the back of the Wii and Guitar Hero, but was cautious about introducing too many 'toy shop' peripherals to the market.

He told attendees in his keynote that user interfaces were important to the industry, "whether it is cameras or motion sensitive controllers" and added "or, in the instance of Wii Fit, digital bathroom scales".

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titntin3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Wow! These guys do amaze me sometimes!

In one sentence hitting out at gimmicks, and in the very next suggesting that a feature to sing along with your favorite tracks is not a gimmick?

Who doesn't already sing along with their favorite songs? I do, in the home and in the car, and I don't see that having a microphone plugged into the 360 will make the slightest difference.

It would be different if the software analyzed the music, downloaded the lyrics and generated a chart note for it. Then you'd be talking.
But it doesn't. This feature allows to use your 360 as a mic amplifier only. ...and thats not a

Lol at the 'digital bathroom scales'.

mcm3750d ago

Why is this article in the PS3 section?

PenisaurisDix3750d ago

I am Xbox kid and these banal business suit comments get on my nerves.
Nintendo stole the damn show and the M$ is just jealous. They have Blu-Ray on one side and Bathroom scales on the other and they planned for Blu-Ray, kind of, but the bathroom scales have them seeing red.

Big N took some serious serious risks with their DS and the Wii. It could have been a disaster of untold proportions but they timing was right and timing is everything so let's just stop being jealous and give them the round of applause they deserve.

titntin3750d ago

Nicely said dude, have a bub!

Viktor E3750d ago

It is then they will realize that their Online Oven is in fact the gimmick of the Video game industry