5TH Cell - Makers of Scribblenauts - Announces New PC Game "Anchors in the Drift"

5TH Cell, creators of Scribblenauts, seek investment and rewards crowdfunding for new PC game.

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generalwinter1336d ago

Loved Scribblenauts so I hope this is just as good.

MzDino1336d ago

Looks really interesting. I'll have to check it out.

Digital_Anomaly1336d ago

$500,000 crowd funding goal is steep for an indie game. They must have some big plans!

MRBIGCAT1336d ago

This looks interesting. I loved scribblenauts, so I am hopeful this will pan out.

GrapesOfRaf1336d ago

The art looks super cool but it's going to take a lot for the card system to win me over.