How much money has Microsoft made from the XBLA?

HEXUS.gaming writes:

"We've heard Microsoft on many occasions banging on about how great the Xbox live arcade is and how successful it has become since launch, but without seeing the figures it's always wise to treat such bragging with a pinch of salt until we see the facts."

The facts are in...

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power of Green 5340d ago

"Let's just hope we don't get to a point where games are released incomplete and then we have to download new content just to find out what happens next"

^^^ Isn't there DLC already releasing just like that?, although I don't think MSFT's platform has done this yet.

xm15e2s5340d ago

Wow, that's a lot of cash.

ice_prophecy5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

Your comment here is very passive aggressive. Just say exactly what you are trying to insinuate. Making positive discussions with you will then be a lot easier.

X_GAMER_X5340d ago

I think episodic will be great Idea.
Just like when you watch a serie and have to wait a week or more to find out what next. Thats what they are using now with halo peter jackson project I think.

And when it comes how much money they make out of live, Well..Enough to give us quality.

Silogon5340d ago

That's an ugly family. I'd hate to be the father of that kid/thing. It'd just bring on unwanted problems and situations for you later in life like when he gets beat up and or taken advantage of.

Silogon5340d ago

If little things like that amuse you I'd gladly put up a portrait of you and your entire family.

titntin5340d ago

Episodic is potentially a good idea. They did it recently with 'Siren' on the PSN - with the game being available in 4 downloads of three chapters each.

Problem is - if your anything like me, you don't want to wait, so I ended up buying the entire thing in one hit with a full 10 gig download! Impatience is not a virtue!

I think episodic content on live could be very big thing, as one of the differences between the two online systems is the size of game they are able to offer, and currently live does not offer games that have the size and scope of some of the PSN offerings (Siren, Warhawk, GTpro5 and the upcoming Socom).

By splitting large titles up into pieces that do fit live's restrictions, the service can offer much larger titles than it currently does and start really talking about proper digital distribution. All the time its limited to small titles, digital distribution is just talk...

Some kind of solution to this, would ensure that live remains the premium online space into the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.