PlayStation 3 and Wii Post-Hype Reviews

One-month later, GameDaily give the two big game consoles a more sober second look.

"But finally, after almost four solid weeks of playtime, we're all starting to see our new consoles with clearer, launch dust-free eyes. For instance, which console is fits most comfortably into our lives/home entertainment units? Which console already has a fine layer of dust on top of it? Which games are in heavy rotation? Why isn't Nintendo's Wii browser running yet? Why is the PS3 constantly hungry for those painfully long system updates? Who's really watching Blu-ray movies?"

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Quisp5253d ago

As badly as I wanted a PS3 at launch, I refuse to buy one unless Sony resolves the 1080/720 issue.

For me to buy it now, they must fix it either thru firmware, hardware, or at least imposing standardizations to game developers, whereas they HAVE to include 1080i in the game options, if 720p is included.

MicroGamer5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

The problem is they can't fully resolve it. The only thing they can do is what they have done by changing the order of preference of the resolution that the PS3 starts up in. The problem is, now that they have favored 1080i owners over 720p owners, the 720p owners are now having problems getting BR movies to play in anything other than 480p, which is the same problem 1080i owners were having before the update. Whichever way Sony turns on this issue, they will end up alienating someone. This is an issue that could only have been resolved before the machines were built and shipped. It's too late to fix it now unless they plan to do a production change and a recall to hardware mod the affected early units.

Scrumptious5253d ago

You'll shoot your eye out.

SlaughterMeister5253d ago

I played the motorstorm demo yesterday, and i thought it was pretty freakin good.

In my opinion, it would be worth buying as it is in the demo station, and it's awesome that there are improvements to it as well.

from what i've seen of the ps3, i would give it an 'A'

sure it's expensive, and there is no way i'm buying one until it comes down in price, but it seems pretty damn cool.

and to end my comment, i will point out that the 360 would get a 'B' in my opinion. if it had the hard drive options of ps3, and came with the HD-DVD drive out of the box, it would get an 'A' as well.

Lucidmantra5253d ago

I agree totally with SlaughterMeister about the PS3 and the 360.