Mythic cut over 90% of careers from Warhammer Online for sake of "clarity"

Speaking to VG247 at Develop, Warhammer Online creative director Paul Barnett said that part of his job was to cull around 230 careers from the MMO, dropping the amount of available work paths from approximately 250 to 20.

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Vecta3750d ago

Titles a bit misleading...

JeepGamer3750d ago

I personally would like to see Mythic shoved in an oven and left to burn slowly over the course of several hours and so this is how you know I have to be telling the truth...

I'm defending them.

Over its 25 year history Warhammer basically has so much content that you really have to cherry pick what you put in when you decide to make a game based on it.

Uncommon Calibur3750d ago

agreed, you get bubbles. this article is very misleading. they make it seem like having 250 sh!tty character classes is a good thing....

besides, a "Huge" amount of content was not cut from the game last month. they cut 4 out of 24 classes. They did not cut 4 cities, they never made them, they decided to make the existing cities much much better instead. Me thinks this author is a little too into WoW

Bolts3750d ago

Mythic is trying to balance a Warhammer MMO, LMAO!!

Thats an auto fail since Warhammer itself haven't been balanced in a decade and Mythic spent years trying to come to grips with DAoC's RvR issues while resolving nothing.

yamamoto1143750d ago

The title is very misleading. I thought they were talking about REAL jobs. XD