Call of Duty: World at War co-op gameplay trailer

New co-op trailer showing actual gameplay from Treyarch's upcoming addition to the Call of Duty-franchise.

Movie viewable in flash or available as download in original size.

Site is in non-english - but you'll get the grip, I'm sure.

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Ghoul3726d ago

like i said in the beginning.

All the hate at treyarch was unnecesary.
the game looks ace, cant wait for coop play in that setting.

The_Firestarter3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Well, I wouldn't say it wasn't 100% unnecessary. We all knew Treyarch was working on COD5 from the get-go and it's understandable why so many doubted what they'd be capable of for the next installment of an excellent franchise. COD3 was a bit under par, but doesn't exactly mean it was a bad game. We all thoroughly enjoyed COD4, yet disappointed by the announcement that the next game was going back to WWII, in which we've practically grown tired of. Also, deterring even further goes to the simple fact that it's not going to be called COD5 anymore, but "World at War," which might lead to indications it won't be able to hold ground as a true sequel.

cwir3726d ago

it looks great, no doubt about that. but my first feeling was that it isn't as fast-paced and full of action as CoD4.. maybe it's just the levels they shown. i dunno. looked a bit too easy in my opinion.

and i agree with spandexxking below that those bazooka missiles hit the tank too soon. no missile travel. when the guy was aiming i thought to myself "man, aim ahead, the tank is moving".. but there was baam - explosion right after he pulled the trigger.

hope to see more gameplay trailers soon.

supahbad3725d ago

i thought the voice acting was cool, and i was one of the ones that had no problem going back to WW2, but i think thats its looking like a pretty generic shooter. the flamethrower was supercool but i still want more than this

spandexxking3726d ago

looking good although it looks like the missle blow up on target as soon as you press the triggers, the missle dosent travel or anything. but the first scene makes up for it. looks awesome.

Superfragilistic3726d ago

Holy sh!t, don't know if that'll pull me in or push me out of the experience... "Next time on 24... I mean... World at War..." lol

Maldread3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Hehe yeah, i was surprised to hear him too, didn`t know he was going to be a part of it. I guess it`s cool that such a big star will be in it, but i get what you`re saying ;)

Seems like an ok game,and i`m sure co-op will be fun, but with R2, Bioshock, Mirror`s Edge, Far Cry 2, and Fallout 3 as candidates, i don`t think i`ll pick it up. R2 and Bioshock is a given and maybe Fallout 3 as well, even though i more after a Oblivion type RPG (that means swords and spells by the way, i know the same company is making them) ;)

Superfragilistic3725d ago

You're right mate, there's a lot of quality titles on both PS3 and 360 that are going to keep me busy along with Spore. Unless the co-op and online is truly special this title will have to wait. :)

Most wanted for this year at the mo... Fable 2, LittleBigPlanet, Gears 2, Banjo 3, Spore, Resistance 2, Too Human, Fallout 3, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space. And that's before I invest in my JRPG tendencies! lol

Maldread3725d ago

Yeah that true. Wish i had a 360 for Gears 2 and Fable 2. I think Too Human looks cool too, but i havn`t played any Banjo games before (damn that`s a sentence i didn`t think i`d ever use hehe), so i`m not sure about that ;)

Hope i can afford one next year though, sucks being a student ;)

sugard03726d ago

Well guys, Treyarch pulled it off. Not the best graphics in the world but the explosions look good!!! Maybe Im used to high quality graphics on the PS3 now, so I expect more than 360 users.

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