The eight most powerful game studios in the world, decided by Gamepro

It may have "OMG!" scrawled inexplicably on its sidebar, but Gamepro can put together a pretty solid list. Today, the site rattled off its top eight most powerful videogame studios, and we mostly agree. In no particular order, Gamepro gave the nod to:

Epic Games
Rockstar North
Maxis Software
EA Tiburon
Sony Computer Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development

Valve, Infinity Ward, and Harmonix took home runner-up ribbons.

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shadowghost7523777d ago

I would have expected Sony Computer Entertainment to be there

nos4speed3777d ago

No doubt one of the biggest players, they do so much great stuff, amazing PSN games, amazing upcoming mmo's and even more amazing exclusives.

Winter47th3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

If this was distributed 5 years ago all of'em would be Japanese with EA looming its head among'em, guess they fell out'a the bandwagon.

SaiyanFury3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Gee big surprise, lots of them are MS game releasing studios. I see Gamepro isn't a fan of them

/end sarcasm.

Epic Games prefers to develop games for the 360. Epic only puts games out like once every 2-3 years or so. And EA is a publisher, not a single development studio. Insomniac puts out triple A games practically every year. In the 1.5 year PS3 lifespan they have 2 triple A titles in the original Resistance and Ratchet & Clank Future. The article doesn't include Naughty Dog, a proven studio time and time again. I would say Maxis, but all they seem to do is whore out more Sims titles all the time. And let's talk total exclusivity. SCE has the most development power of all the companies put together and has the most first party exclusives. In my opinion, SCEA has the most development power. 15 total worldwide studios is better than a HALO release, singular GTA-exclusive DLC content , or another Sims game. I'm looking at numbers and statistics for the systems, not at publishers' comments for support of a single system.

BrotherNick3777d ago

Saiyan Fury, EA has a bunch of dev studios.

Label architecture and studios

The following are the four Electronic Arts labels, with the studios that fall under each label [20]

* EA Games -- Home to the largest number of studio and development teams, this label is responsible for action-adventure, role playing, racing and combat games, marketed under the EA brand. In addition to traditional packaged-goods games, EA Games also develops massively-multiplayer online role-playing games. Led by Frank Gibeau.
o EA Redwood Shores
o EA Los Angeles
o EA Montreal
o Bioware
o Pandemic
o Black Box
o Maxis
o Phenomic
o Criterion
o Mythic

* EA SPORTS -- Publishes all the realistic, casual, and freestyle sports-based titles from EA, including FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL, Fight Night, NBA Live, NCAA Football, NCAA March Madness, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, NHL Hockey, Nascar and Rugby. Led by Peter Moore.
o EA Tiburon (Florida)
o EA Canada (Vancouver)
o EA Sports Big (San Francisco)

* EA Casual Entertainment -- Creates and publishes casual games for gamers and non-traditional gamers. Includes EA's Pogo online service (online games site, with numerous EA brand tie-ins), EA Hasbro, and EA Mobile EA Mobile (mobile phone and iPod games, previously JAMDAT). Led by Kathy Vrabeck.
o EA Redwood Shores (California)
o EA Los Angeles

* "The Sims" Label -- develops and markets life-simulation games and online communities, including those with "Sims" titles. Led by Nancy Smith.
o EA Redwood Shores (California)

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3777d ago

Is Insomniac. I know that they're a small business but they are still pretty beasty. Ted Price's name should've been mentioned alone haha.

socomnick3777d ago

lol insomniac are pretty low tier. They come out with games every year and the games aren't very hyped. Its not that their games aren't good. Its just that they release the games during bad times you cant launch Res 2 against Gow 2 thats just stupid.

Cenobia3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Why? Gears and Resistance are on 2 different consoles. There is no reason they can't be put out together. They may be competing but PS3 owners will pick up R2, and 360 owners will get Gears. If you own both you're likely to get both.

There is a significant amount of hype for R2. If you only own an xbox you may not see it, but it is there. I honestly don't see a lot of hype for Gears, but that's because I don't have an Xbox. I don't doubt its there.

R2 has a ridiculous amount of ARG's going on in multiple websites. If anything, I'm starting to worry that it will be over hyped. I agree that Microsoft usually advertises better (like on TV), but let me assure you that people are very much anticipating the release of Resistance 2.

And Insomniac makes great games, and aren't "low tier." I consider them one of the most important developers for Sony. There games are always of high quality, and consistently score high on all gaming websites.

nbsmatambo3777d ago

woa wait what lol. Insomniac games arent very hyped =o. and yes i do think that R2 will do well against GeoW2. GeoW2 might outsell it but thats just bcuz of the 20M pple with 360's, but i think R2 will have a better attach rate and better reviews =D

KiNg_TED_PRIZE3777d ago

it should go

sce studios
square enix
Ea sport
activision blizzard
epic ......

Cartesian3D3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Blizzard is the most powerful game developer on earth...

all of their titles are :

multimillion seller
GOTY in their genre or even overall

power means you can only make GEM titles like IW,insomniac,Rockstar north,Valve,noughty dog,Kojima P,Team ICO,sucker punch...

not like EPIC (just making ONE gem title,selling their engine .. etc nothin especial) or EA (they made thousands of mediocre games!) Bungie!! (for ONE TITLE ?? always same as the previous one ) ..

KBDuB3777d ago

Uhm, you do realize that Bungie has made MORE than Halo.. right?

Cartesian3D3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I know they made some other titles (Oni nothin more than 7,myth?? was a good series but 8 at best not AAA,there is only one Myth version that was AAA on PC in 1997!) .. but their main title was HALO for many years nothin more

for example IW made CoD games(1,2 and 4).. but just compare CoD 1 and 2.. both were absolutely AAA and GOTY in their genre .. without HUGE hype like HALO series .. thats the POWER

then compare CoD4 with 1 and 2 , Whole new engine,art direction,level design,environment,gameplay(MP ) ... etc

EIDT: BTW compare Oni character with halo .. lol there is many similarities (its not a bad thing, but it means their Art designers are out of Ideas)

KiNg_TED_PRIZE3777d ago

they have fifa license .... they just lost the uefa champions league license ..... madden .. rugby... nba.. etc... ea is massive!!

SaiyanFury3777d ago

EA is a publisher, not a developer.

BrotherNick3777d ago

Fail....EA owns development studios as well. They can publish from outside their studios of course.

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