Civilization Revolution 1.20 Patch Now Available

Civilization Revolution 1.20 patch is now available to download. The new patch adds some new features and also fixes some of the problems. The new patch mostly prepares the game for DLC, which is expected to soon follow. It also fixes some connectivity issues with online multiplayer and some other minor gameplay issues.

You can see a full list of patch details after the link.

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Silogon4358d ago

I swear this patch was available awhile ago, man. I just popped it in and it says 1.20 already, that's why I say this.

getrdone4358d ago

Its been out for almost a week.

shadowghost7524358d ago

I wonder will the DLC be free?

Siesser4358d ago

depends on when and where you bought it. inside the case should have been a redemption voucher. different stores got different codes for different downloads. It's all on their site. I'm getting the Best Buy one. the rest, i'm assuming, you pay for.

GodsHand4358d ago

Free, lol.

The PS3 version of the game suffer's from many bugs, especially the multi-player part of it. This patch has been out for a week already here in the states for the PS3, maybe now it just came out for the x360. But people are still fustrated with the problems this game released in.

renanbianchi4358d ago

I'm frustrated that this game doesn't support trophies, it's still the reason why i didn't bought it.

Jdoki4358d ago

There's some DLC on the Euro PSN store.

£0.69 (approx $1.34) for 4 new wonders (Lighthouse of Alexandria, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Scotland Yard and SETI), plus 2 new Artefacts (Camelot and Tower of Babel)

Raoh4358d ago

thanks for the heads up... always loved this game and love it now on the consoles as well...

i hope they add keyboard/mouse support

at least keyboard support to type in unique city names.....

i know sony/developers/publishers/etc don't expect everyone to have a keyboard but they are not making an argument for people to get one if there arent any games that support it.