You can't be Batman or Superman in DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online creative director Chris Cao said that you won't be Batman or Superman in the otherwise extremely good looking MMO from SOE.

"The reason for that is, we want them to feel real," Cao explains. "The best way to make Superman feel real isn't to have you play just another Superman in another Superman game, but to have your own character, and earn the right to fight alongside him.

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Iceman X3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

We knew that from E3, but my question is. If this article is about the DC Universe game from Sony then why does this post have MK vs DC picture??

Bombibomb3727d ago

True, the picture needs to be changed. The article is about DC Universe Online, not MK VS DC.

z3r0_boss3727d ago

Thanks for the comment, I'll update the story

Lifendz3727d ago

I saw the pic and read part of the headline and it just didn't make sense. "Can't be Superman or Batman in DC vs Mortal Kombat?" Now it makes sense but a different pic should be used.

Andronicus3726d ago

why the hell was this even approved? obviously your not going to play superman or batman in an DC universe based MMO, thats like playing thrall(horde leader) in WoW.

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InMyOpinion3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

"DC Universe Online creative director Chris Cao said that you won't be Batman or Superman in the otherwise extremely good looking MMO from SOE"

Extremely good looking? They've gotta be kidding. Graphically it's not impressive at all.

"The reason for that is, we want them to feel real," Cao explains."

I don't believe that for a second. I think it's a licensing issue with Midway and MK vs DC Universe, since they have both Superman and Batman.

I don't see the problem though since the game let's you create your own superheroes. Hopefully you can create your own Superman, if that's what you fancy.

Bolts3727d ago

Agreed. There isn't anything extremely good looking about this game at all. In fact it looks like crap. More than likely this game will probably be another SoE flop. It doesn't make any sense for a bunch of nobody super heroes to be roaming around in world of Batman and Superman. It totally remove the sense of being heoric and super when you're just some pawn doing Fedex quests for Batman.

rosko4863727d ago totally makes more sense to have 500 Batmans running around or 500 Supermans running around. Licensing issue with Midway?? Midway doesn't own the rights to Batman or Superman so why would it be a licensing issue with them?

Lifendz3727d ago

It's not Heavy Rain or Killzone; it's an MMO. Do any of them look amazing? I think they're shooting for the lowest common denominator and not just PS3 and super computer owning PC types. Personally, I'm not interested in the game. I was hooked on WoW for almost a year and once I "shook the habit" I swore I'd never get sucked into an MMO again.

Silogon3727d ago

I don't get the gist of this game and I agree 500 Batmen and 500 Supermen would look pretty homo. I'd never be either, actually. The flash is my man but now you can't play as him, either well I won't play the game.

I'd still like to know what you do in it, though. I see like big open city space and no one in it but like 4 super heros fighting in the street. It's pretty lame.

Also, since when did Bane, joker and Captain Cold frolic in the bat cave???

Lifendz3727d ago

If you could play as the Flash then so could I and everyone else. WOuld sorta deflate the point of picking him, right? But if you create your own character with Flash-like powers, well then maybe it's not quite so bad.

And with Jim Lee on the project I doubt Bane will be lounging in the Bat Cave once the game is finalized. At least, i hope that's not the case.

CBaoth3727d ago

Just make a char w/ super speed. Anyway, aren't the heroes and villains just set pieces for quests? I haven't played any MMOs since Everquest (for the same reason - say goodbye to the Sun) so the rules may have changed.

Regarding the city space and lack of people, would you rather have 50 parties all camping the same spawn, waiting for the same quest?

Kurz3727d ago

I was sure it was about MK Vs. DC, sounded weird to me.
But as it is for DC Universe Online, it was a known fact, they announced you were going to play alongside superman or batman, but never play them.