Euro gamers can't access Resistance 2 beta through Qore

As you can see from this post on the US PS Blog, Europeans in the crowd wondering if you were going to be able to buy yourself into the Resistance 2 beta through today's episode of Qore are in for a disappointment: you can't.

"While there is an R2 beta planned for Europe, you won't be able to get into it through North America's Qore," said a spokesperson, presumably from SCEA. "More details will be announced as we get closer to the launch of the beta."

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Bangladesh3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

It seems like Sony is always sh*tting on you guys.

eyeDEVOUR3724d ago

will the beta start after the purchase (for us psn) or will we have to wait awhile like the socom beta?

smokeb43724d ago

when dose the beta come out

Wallonsi3724d ago

Well DUH.. since Qore is only available in North America.

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