Driver Coming to PSN

Driver for the original PlayStation was a huge hit on the original PlayStation® and remains a classic. Soon you can relive those gaming memories, or enjoy it for the first time, on PSN for PlayStation®3.

Driver puts you in the driving shoes of Tanner, an undercover cop tasked with infiltrating an illegal syndicate through his impressive driving skills in a variety of cities across the globe.

Developed by Ubisoft Reflections, Driver is due for release on PSN on August 14th for €4.99. Keep an eye out for it!

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Forbidden_Darkness3724d ago

never played drive one, i dont think anyways, but i dont think u could get out of your car on it, i wish they would release driver 2 on PSN, i loved that game.

PoSTedUP3724d ago

wow yea that game was great, for a PS1 game the car damage was really realistic. it was so damn fun and im gunna buy it again. #2 was good too.

somethingSQUISHY3724d ago

The car handling was worse, the lighting was worse, and they split gameplay up between what was awesome about the original Driver (uh, driving) and some crappy TPS-ing. Driver has always been one of my favorite PS1 games; Driver 2 has always been one of the biggest disappointments.

Johnny Cullen3724d ago

Driver was great.

Yeah, you couldn't get out of the car but it was still great. Plus the fact that its coming next week is a great bonus.

IMO, it's nothing on Driver 2 but it is a great game (Beats Driv3r anyways by a country mile xD)

kosha3724d ago

... but then i took it for a spin about a month ago and it was horrible. When you drive too close to people they run through a wall to get away. Actually that was quite funny.

Lord Anubis3724d ago

i really liked the original game. Driver 2 was ok. The birth of the GTA style 3d games.

Forbidden_Darkness3724d ago

Hopefully its coming out in the US also, because it says €4.99, so im not sure if its coming to the US next week, if not ill be busy playing Bionic Commando Rearmed!

ThatCanadianGuy3724d ago o'l classic.I read somewhere a few months ago about a new Driver coming out for PS3.maybe i was baked at the time who know's,hope so tho.

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The story is too old to be commented.