Gamedaily.Biz Chart Toppers: Good Times with Bad Company

Gamedaily.Biz writes: "The latest Battlefield from EA and DICE takes the series in a new direction but there's nothing bad about Bad Company. We chat with EA about the game's solid performance.

Battlefield is one of those franchises that's become a staple of PC gaming. The large scale conflict involving vehicles on land and in air has proven so popular, it's spawned its own sub-genre of imitators. Battlefield 1942 and its myriad sequels and expansions were singlehandedly responsible for EA's acquisition of DICE in 2006.

While recent PC entries in the series (including Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142) have been successful, the winds of change have been blowing since the franchise was established at the front end of this decade. For one, console shooters have been on the rise and the new consoles are better capable of handling large scale engagements. These reasons, and some harsh market realities, have led to the creation of Battlefield: Bad Company, a departure for the series in at least a few ways.

We caught up with Brad Bennett, Product Manager at EA, and we talked about this whole new Battlefield."

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