BREAKING: Brett Favre Traded to Jets, Madden '09 Officially Screwed

It has just been reported that Brett Favre has been traded by the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets. Mr. "I'm retired…wait no I'm not" has been at the center of a media circus lately with his highly publicized feud with Green Bay management. EA gave the cursed cover spot to Brett to honor contribution to football and memorialize his retirement. Well, those plans have clearly changed and now they are stuck with their cover of an unretired Brett in a Packers uniform.

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Silogon3726d ago

Worse yet, didn't he already retire and then untire? What a smack!

Skip_Bayless3726d ago

HAHA Bret Farve you cannot escape the madden curse.
J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

pwnsause3726d ago

OH GAWD, Teh irony, John Madden is wishing Farve for his demise LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Show us a graphical image on how the gameplay is going down John!!

RevN8r3726d ago

And there are still people who don't believe there is a curse. Any doubt I had is thrown out the window.

MikeGdaGod3726d ago

i was hoping he'd come to Da BEARS

NegativeCreep4273726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

lets see if Brett's appearence and possible influence can lead them into at least the top AFC playoff games this coming year.

Skip_Bayless3726d ago

Cotchery, Coles, and Thomas are just as good as Driver, Jennings, and Grant. If Bret Farve starts they will be in good shape to get a spot in the wildcard.

Lifendz3725d ago

and the non-stop 24 hour a day Favre channel formerly known as ESPN can go back to talking about something other than Brett Favre.

The True Gamer3725d ago

And Coles is on my fantasy team, Oh yeah.

Monchichi0253725d ago

Two things I hate, EA and Brett Favre!!!

Brett Favre will exposed for the horrible interception throwing bumm he is. He'll never learn the new playbook and time and falter under the preasure that is NY. That is why Green Bay sent him there because they know what a fool he'll make himself to be there!

Sitdown3725d ago

I am glad somebody recognizes Brett and his interceptions....He reminds me, and I say this as a UNC alumni, of Tyler Hansborough........he makes a lot poor decisions, but they work out for him. For instance, the Monday night game after his dad died.......he threw some of the worst balls......but it was his receivers that went out and got them for him. That is why he wanted Randy Dandy Moss.........cause he knows that he can throw any garbage his way and Moss will come away with it.

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freakyzeeky3726d ago

I was about to say the exact same thing! xD

superflyguy3726d ago

I was kind of hoping he's get traded to the Minnesota Vikings since that's the rival team of Green Bay.

Yipee Bog3725d ago

and ESPN said yesterday he was most likely going to tampa bay.... show what they know

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nomad1173726d ago

Minnesota should have got him :(

lodossrage3726d ago

Green Bay would NEVER give a high calibur player to their ARCH rivals like that

KBDuB3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

there was a trade rumor, or something, where they were talking about what would happen if the Jets traded Favre to the Minnesota Vikings. It could happen that way. Which in turn, would still help out Green Bay by giving them draft picks.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just seen more about Favre going to Minnesota, and if that happened the Jets would hafta give the Packers Three(3) 1st round picks, and that's not going to happen.. unless say the Vikings had a LOT to give up.

lodossrage3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I can see the Jets doing that. But Green Bay wouldn't ever directly give Favre to their hated rival like that. That would be as bad as when Boston gave Babe Ruth to New York.

Not to mention Minnesota is in their division. So there is almost no way in hell Green Bay would directly give Favre to the Vikings

RecSpec3726d ago

He should have went to the Bears.

GarandShooter3725d ago

Brett has a horrendous dome record. Maybe going to the Vikings would have changed that.

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pwnsause3726d ago

LOL JETS, hey, they might play better now

lodossrage3726d ago

The QB position wasn't their only problem

KBDuB3726d ago

Yea, but they did a lot in the off season to help out the offensive side.

lodossrage3726d ago

But we've seen the Jets attempt to adjust their O-line for a few seasons now. So that's basically hit or miss. But at least they aren't as bad as the Raider's O-line. Try to run an offense and see how many times you go 3 and out lol

KBDuB3726d ago

Yea, I hear ya. But, I'm pretty sure their O-Line will be good this year. They have solid players, four(4) of which were 1st round picks at one point(which, may mean nothing, though. Lol.). And, they also have a solid WR in Laverneus(sp?) Coles. Who's there RB, though.. I can't think of who it is?

lodossrage3726d ago

But I'm not sure if he was just a one year thing.

And yeah they have Lavernus Coles. But what annoys me is that they could have still had Coles AND Santana Moss. But no, the go and give up Coles to the Redskins. And to get Coles back, they had to give the skins Santana Moss. Sometimes their management just baffles me

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Forbidden_Darkness3726d ago

ohh wow, now the Madden Curse wont end with him...

pwnsause3726d ago

hey but hes wearing a Green Bay Uniform on the cover, so he could cheat the curse, just like those Final Destination Kids LOLOLOL

rhood0223726d ago

Or maybe he changed the curse. From now on, instead of getting hurt, the coverboy for Madden will be traded to another team prior to the game's release.