Monolith Soft Gearing up for Massive NX RPG?

Monolith Soft is on a massive hiring spree, could they be gearing up for their next RPG on Nintendo NX?

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R00bot2408d ago

I hope so, what they've achieved with the Wii U is amazing already :)

wonderfulmonkeyman2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I can't believe you got any disagrees for that; there's no doubt that the overall package of Xenoblade X is an amazing game!
The only real criticism I've seen that has any merit is that some of the faces are fugly.XD
And anything that they do for the NX is likely to be just as grand; they've got an excellent pedigree and their works speak for themselves.

I'd even go so far as to say that Monolith Soft is to Nintendo, what Naughty Dog is to Sony; a great source of incredible games that mature gamers can enjoy.

Xenoblade X will be a wonderful title to enjoy until we have more news about their next project.

NewMonday2408d ago

if not for the NX I would've gotten a WiiU for Xenoblade X

3-4-52407d ago

If NX launched with a 3D Mario game + a Monolith Soft RPG, it would be off to a good start.

Maybay2408d ago

That's why the NX is so important for Nintendo. Developing once, then porting to everthing else (is like how the Unity engine functions). They'll be able to support their platforms better, and have grandeur third party support because both their console and handheld platforms will share a gaming library.

Really hyped about XBX though!

MetroidFREAK212408d ago

Port Xenoblade Chronicles X to NX and I'll take a gander at the console ;)

freshslicepizza2408d ago

i think a lot of us wan to see the return of nintendo in a much more positive way. hopefully they can really learn from their past mistakes

FunkyGoron2408d ago

Ugh I have yet to play their current Massive RPG for the Wii U because it releases in Dec, nearly 8 months after the JP release.

Very excited for this game.

Excited for NX because I would hedge a bet that it'll support Wii U games, in which case, I'll be able to keep and play all the games I have!

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