Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Trophy Guide

Phoenix8387 of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"With Uncharted being patched a few days ago it's about time for another one of our wonderful Trophy Guides. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is the first title to offer a Platinum Trophy, coming in with a total of 48 Trophies, 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 8 Silver and 36 Bronze."

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DrPirate4355d ago

Pretty sure that it's unanimously agreed that on N4G, if anyone has anything to know about Trophies, or if there's anyone worthy enough to write a guide, it's I.

Sev4355d ago

Way to toot your own horn... lol

I am sure you do a great job.

psycho3604355d ago

Ok genius. So how much score per game do you get? Like for 360 its 1000 points or more if it has DLC. Also it shows in your gamertag as an overall score. So what do you show in the gamertag?

Sev4355d ago

@ above...


Oh yeah! I am in the open zone...

psycho3604355d ago

@above nothing to do with open i just want to know in your gamertag what is shown some score of just trophies?

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BigBaehr4355d ago


Bombibomb4355d ago

I got it. Looks pretty.

MikeGdaGod4355d ago

man i can't wait till i get my ps3 back

Circuit City SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

nix4355d ago

hey too bad dude... i remember you.

i'm kinda in the same boat. sony is giving me the 40GB instead of 60GB. sigh.. haven't even bothered to pick it up.

all the best for you..

Cerberus_Hunter4355d ago

Just need to beat crushing mode and i'm done.

BigBaehr4355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

Oh well aren't you a gloater. :P

fanboi hater4355d ago

Just 10 more chapters to go ... oh man i want that platinum trophy

Sev4355d ago

Yeah, that is really helpful. I got almost all of them on my own, but had to check that guide for a couple of them.

Now I gotta go back and do them all over again.

Silogon4355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

Was gonna finish it off last night but got tired and went to bed. I'm about to cross the finish line in a few hours, though. I'm 86% last I checked, I think.

Also, for anyone having problems with the last part of chapter 5 where you go down into the water chamber and all those guys overwhelm you... If you'd like to avert hours of frustration and death "if on crushing"

Do this... Die once and when you respawn run back up to where you called the guards from the tower and they open the gate, grab your mag and then head back to that area.

Now, instead of dropping down into this area, all the enemies will be running around for you to pick off cleanly from above.

2 soldiers, this is funny, will then appear out of nowhere right by you and then jump down into the water below. These two are carrying shotguns.

Finish them off and head to the room where you fill it with water.

Yes, I've beat uncharted over 13 times and I venture to say I'm one of the best speed runners through it. As I am also one of the, if not the best, super mario bros player. I can speed run it in 4:36 seconds without dying and have beat the game over 200 times in my life.

Oh, wait, this isn't the gloating section? ha

BigBaehr4355d ago

Helpful for once. Thanks. That parts a b!tch even on hard.

ThatArtGuy4355d ago

You should put this stuff in a speedrun FAQ on GameFAQS.

'Twould be helpful.

Proxy4355d ago

I actually just beat this part tonight. It only took about 10 tries. I just found a good balence of aggression and defence and managed to finish it fairly quickly without any cheats or exploits. I even managed to kill 2 of the people with my fists. Ohh, and it was on crushing difficulty.

Bubble for the advice though, I always hated that part. The AI in uncharted can be quite challenging some times.

zep4355d ago

can you post a video of uncharted at chapter 5 on water chamber i already beat it on crushing it was hard died so many time just want to watch your strategy :D

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