Blizzard On Diablo III Achievements

Blizzard's community manager Bashiok has fielded multiple questions regarding Diablo III's achievements and how Blizzard plans to implement them into the game.

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UnSelf4347d ago

how bout u dont implement them

JOLLY14347d ago

Is the little guy sad? Did someone pee in his Cheerios? Why do you hate achievements? Do you hate fun addicting things?

JsonHenry4346d ago

I agree with bubbles. Achievements/trophies are lame.

Daxx4347d ago

I also like how they're adding achievements to WoW.

Might as well lock me in a room with Diablo 3, Star Craft 2, and WoW because that's all I need for a life time. :P

poopface14346d ago

I though this game wasnt for 360? why make achievements for pC games? its stupid.

Tyrael4346d ago

No achievements for D3 please, i just want a good story.