LittleBigPlanet is very, very big

GotGame's Mary Li writes:

"Maybe you're a little bored of the pre-scripted, narrative-heavy, feats of storytelling that are the hallmarks of many popular games that contain a lot of depth. Sometimes you just want to platform, so you bust out your old copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 and completely ditch the real world. Well, what could be better than combining that "comfort food platforming" with control over the entire world you're playing in? LittleBigPlanet promises just that, putting the tools-and the materials-in your hands to not only jump in glee, but move arms and heads, grab objects and textures, and best of all, play with friends."

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cmrbe3751d ago

another Mario reference. I said before LBP will be better than Mario and people didn't agree with me. I tell yah. LBP is that platformer that allows you to virtually do anything.

BigBaehr3751d ago

Well heres somebody that does agree. Kratos sackboy here I come!

cmrbe3751d ago

yeah it was like sacrilege that i said its should be better than Mario.

Acidicpack3751d ago

At least with me I don't think that there will ever be a game that will surpass SMB3 on the NES but then again its all in the eye of the beholder.

LBP is still a day one buy for me. In a age where its all about the newest FPS I cant wait to get to play something different and refreshing at the same time.

juuken3751d ago

I want my plushie! ^~^
I can't wait for this game. Day One purchase for me.

tethered3751d ago

LBP will get Game Of The Year if Sony advertises the game like they should. The more it sells the better chance it has to get GoTY.

Sony, don't mess this up. This game is huge!

Proxy3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

*Except for those things which will be made available later as DLC. Those things you cannot do.

Serious: If you can do anything, what are they going to put in the DLC that isn't already there?

I expect the creative abilities will be more limited then we would hope. "I've seen this moving block a thousand times before."

NegativeCreep4273751d ago

But naturally the inherent PS3-haters will treat it like it is Haze or something. F**k them. If they want to hate and deny its greatness, let them do it. When they own a stale system that can only handle software that barely surpasses what the Playstation 2 can handle (The Xbox 360 is what I am holding to, not the Wii, then they will look like idiots!).

clintos593750d ago

Takes platforming gaming to a whole nother platforming expirience which no other mario game has done, and that is having the ability with the user friendly creativity feature which allows u to build your own levels and enemies and all. Also u will be able to play co-op online with other friends or other random people online which no mario platformer has ever offered u. So yeah I have to agree LBP is taking platforming gaming to the next level of how we can enjoy that genre and look for future mario games and other platformer games to do the same following LBP's success.

Lifendz3750d ago

not even hype with all the legit gaming sites/mags already glowing over it. Not trying to insult the second/third tier sites like Gamedaily.

I'll definitely give it a go. Can't wait to see the N4G level. Someone could create the regular anti-PS3 folk and have them as enemies in the game ;).

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Surfman3751d ago

LittleBigPlanet will be probably be famous like the Mario franchise and re-invent the platform game style. Only heard good thing about this game, except that crapy website... Gamedaily.

LeSouteneur3751d ago

Nothing but a ****ing nerd.

Why do you think Youtube is so popular? Even though a lot of the vids are crap, people DO create really good ones.

cmrbe3751d ago

when they released that list of game leads that need to get laid.

Surfman3751d ago

oh my god, why i have 3 bubbles now???? i had 5 bubbles 2 hours ago :(

EastCoastSB3751d ago

Here's one surfman.

BTW I agree with what you said.

vdesai3751d ago

Those mummbly grummbly fanboys ate them, yes it will re-invent the platforming gener.

clintos593750d ago

Is the biggest 360 fanboy on the net. Now u know why MGS4 got an 8. I mean he clearly said it himself that in his opinion, "The Xbox 360 is the Greatest Console of All Time". I mean ill agree it does have the best library of games this next gen, but the greatest system of all time? I cant agree with that.

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Tacki3751d ago

The video on that website. How could anyone watch all that and still not think this game has ENORMOUS potential? Honestly... how? I understand that it may not interest some people... but this is more than just a simple level editor game. You can do things in this game that you cannot do in ANY other game available. I think the youtube comparisons are pretty spot on. There will be a ton of crap... but with that will come some truly unique and amazing stuff! You look at almost any game with user-generated content and you should find people out there doing some truly great things. Things you might never have thought of. As Alex has said, one of the wonderful things is going to be coming on every day and seeing what new levels users have created. It's like having a game that gets a new update every day! And that's just from users. I'll bet they come out for alot of downloadable content for this game. I can see them adding new items and costumes and such after release.

The game just looks SO good. It's rare that a game comes out where with each video that's released you find something new to love about it. LittleBigPlanet has had that effect on me. :)

NegativeCreep4273751d ago

Its a simple answer: It isn't for the xbox 360 so the Biased A$$-holes who inherently hate anything that appears on the PS3 automatically think it won't be anything but a glorified powerpoint application.

They are F'n dumba$$es, so ignore whatever Bull they spew.

Tacki3750d ago

I do think it can go both ways of course. But really I can't see how some people might say they're interested in a title like Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts and have no interest for this. Sure, they're games that are a bit different, but still don't get how some say they're turned off by LittleBigPlanet's style when they anticipate that game. It's just very odd to me... though I do understand many are extremely biased.

Oh well, I'll be enjoying LittleBigPlanet on my PS3 AND Gears of War 2 on my 360 this year along with a slew of other great titles. All the haters in the world won't stop the truly great games from getting the recognition they deserve!

Bill Gates3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

The industry is turning to sh!t with all the same games repackaged with a different story, and characters. Now here comes LBP to reinvent the industry all by it's little, but big self.

Sorry BABOONS, but you lose.....AHAHAHAHHAHHAHA

pwnsause3751d ago

no Media Molecule, Give us a Solid Snake Sackboy NOW! lol

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