IGN's Monster Madness: Grave Danger Review

A little over a year ago, a zombie-filled hack and slash title hit the 360 under the name Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia. Monster Madness gave gamers a chance to guide a group of four weapon-totting teens through an infested suburban locale. Unfortunately, the game was given a less-than-enthusiastic greeting and didn't make much of an impact on Microsoft's console. Now, Monster Madness is stumbling back to consoles again in the form of Monster Madness: Grave Danger, a port of the 360 version with several new modes and mini-games to give it an edge over its predecessor. And while Grave Danger is certainly an improvement over Battle for Suburbia, I think it's safe to say that this is still a severely lacking zombie experience. More after the jump...

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Bombibomb3777d ago

What the hell is this crap? I played the demo and it was just so bad I couldn't even continue playing it after only 10 seconds.

pwnsause3777d ago

a failed attempt at twin stick shooter. Seriously why not make a smash TV remake? i wouldnt mind paying for that.

Silogon3777d ago

This game would've appealed much more had it been a PSN downlaod and I'm shocked it wasn't. This is a throwback to ZAMN and for that I love it but it was laggy online, the screen tore worse than an old lady skin caught on a sharp corner and the price of 40 bucks is off putting.

To say the very least, even if I did buy this game I don't ever see me getting up and picking it out of my line up over another game I ahve in my collection. Had it been a download, yeah, I'd play it in between other games.

Think developers! Think!

Esena3777d ago

Yea. When I played the demo, I thought it was gonna be for a $10 PSN title. I still wouldn't have purchased it, but at least somebody would have :)

Playstation Man3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

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And to make matters worse, they obliterated my account for what I said in the fvcking OPEN ZONE. Fvcking bastards!