Integrated Graphics Go High-End

Tom's Hardware Reports:

"AMD and Nvidia are in the process of playing musical chairs. Earlier this year, both vendors unveiled integrated chipsets loaded with features that far surpassed anything seen before in the onboard graphics market.

AMD's own solution went right for the mainstream - in our opinion, the smartest place to aim if you also happen to be selling mid-range processors. Its 780G opened the door to modest 3D performance in older titles and a reasonable Vista experience. Best of all, it powered motherboards priced as low as $60. Add a sub-$200 quad-core processor to the mix and you're talking about a surprisingly beefy hardware combination."

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g3nkie3727d ago

no shiat? Thats kinda neat, but I still love having a separate card dedicated for the gfx..

ice_prophecy3727d ago

Good concept for laptops though. I hope a portable version of those comes soon. I want a laptop with a decent integrated system.

V0LT3727d ago

High end integrated graphics should have been happening years ago.....

GIJeff3727d ago

you can pair the onboard graphics with a low-mid 3XXX series from AMD and it will do crossfire! You get up to a 30% boost in additional performance from your onboard video. I think thats a good move for anyone who just plays old looking games like wow, or people who just need the basics on the cheap.

Tyrael3727d ago

When they integrate graphics with the CPU as strong as something generated by that same year models GPU, then we're talking serious business. Nonetheless, good step for computers. It's about time integrated graphics didn't suck

TheIneffableBob3727d ago

This is a step in the right direction.
Integrated graphics need to be at least powerful enough to play semi-modern 3D games. For example, low-end IGPs today should be able to play a game like Counter-Strike: Source on medium or high. The prevalence of slow integrated graphics is hurting the PC gaming market.