Gamers Universe: Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party Preview

Ewan Suszka Writes:

"Ubisoft is a publisher who perhaps has a reputation for occasionally milking some of its franchises bone dry. However, its stock is very much on the up in recent times after revitalising the stagnant Rayman franchise with the Raving Rabbids debut on Wii.

Raving Rabbids was essentially a multiplayer game in the vein of Mario Party. Its quirky graphics and bright colours promised to appeal to a wide audience of casual gamers, but sadly the game fell short of all its promise and met with mixed reviews on release. Yet despite this, Raving Rabbids found a niche on the Wii, with the platform's motion controls giving unique life to the game. It also helped that its main competitor, Mario Party 8, was the worst in the series to date."

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