Toys 'R' Us: More PS3, Wii Before Christmas

New Jersey-based Toys "R" Us touts that it will receive "thousands" of Nintendo Wiis and 6,000 PlayStation 3s in the week leading up to Christmas.

In a statement, the toy chain also said that it would be receiving over 30,000 Xbox 360 units as well as 40,000 GameBoy Advance units, the latter of which performed surprisingly well in November with 641,000 units sold in the US for the month.

The company didn't reveal the exact size of the Wii shipment.

Toys "R" Us has 587 stores in the US.

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Fuzz McDeath4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

...Toys'R'Us has over 1400 stores worldwide - that's almost 4.3 units per store!!! Or if its limited to the U.S. alone, thats about 10 units per store (while the rest of the world is scrood) Woo hoo! I think everyone should go stand in line :). I'm sure it'll all work out and you'll get one.....

dantesparda4319d ago

Ugh! this is disgusting and has got to stop, first the 360 (and i had to stand in line over night for it) and no this. This is bullsh!t. And if the 360 was any indication to when it will stop and we will be able to finally just walk in and get a system, then it wont be til April. Yet somehow I dont think that'll be the case for the PS3. These companies are scerwing themselves over