Gamespot: Space Siege Multiplayer Hands-On

Seth Walker isn't the only one in Space Siege having fun. On board the other surviving colony ship, the Tachibana, up to four players can join together to eliminate the Kerak menace and save what remains of humanity after the Kerak rudely destroyed Earth. After playing through the single-player portion of Gas Powered Games' upcoming dungeon-crawler-in-space, we jumped into this multiplayer mode to get our action role-playing game fix.

Multiplayer isn't a separate campaign, really, but rather a series of battles that act more like a challenge mode. You begin by creating a character in a large cargo hold inside the Tachibana, distributing your skill points, selecting cybernetic implants, and upgrading your weaponry. Although Seth Walker starts out with nothing more than a machine gun and a can-do attitude in the single-player mode, you have full access to upgrades in multiplayer. Gas Powered Games likens it to starting out in World of Warcraft as a level 70 character.

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