Call of Duty 6 Announced...Already?? - The fifth entry in the series Call of Duty, called World at War, is not even out that the sixth is already announced. This is Robert "Bobby" Kotick, the boss of Activision, which released the information during a conference call, referring to an exit in 2009 and development back at Infinity Ward . We know already that it would be held in the near future. Finally, this announcement is not surprising when one knows that CoD 4: Modern Warfare is the game's best-selling 2007.

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Kush_Reaper4358d ago

keep them coming IW, keep them coming.

socomnick4358d ago

talk about whoring a franchise.

chasuk084357d ago

Whoring out a franchise! Your the one with the halo avatar

braydon6194358d ago

yay, IW is awesome, i wish they had another one coming this year :D

Fowack4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

I wasn't going to buy COD5 and if six is coming only a year or so after it i won't be buying that either it makes no sence, they need to slow down and take their time. We are going to end up with a series that resembles nhl or madden. A game a year is totaly off stride for a shooter franchise!

matt19914358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

well in a way your right and in a way your wrong IW and tryarc are different companys so when call of duty 5 comes out the next your COD6 will come out each game has about a 2yr in development but i get what your saying

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The story is too old to be commented.