Metagaming: Greatest Console of All Time

Jason Hill Reports:

"James "DexX" Dominguez, who won a PS3 a couple of months ago for his comprehensive research on Australian game pricing, has again been giving the spreadsheet a workout trying to analyse the performance of various gaming formats from the last 15 years.

His research which uses Metacritic review averages just might surprise you.

It could also give you plenty of ammunition during your next heated debate about which console is the best ever released."

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Asurastrike4356d ago

This is an unfair way of gauging the greatness of a console. The more popular the console is, the more shovelware people will put on it because it reaches the biggest audience. So the better a console is, the more low scoring games there will be to bring down its metascore.

ice_prophecy4356d ago

Fair enough, but did you give the article a good read to the end?

JoelR4356d ago

How do you explain the PS1 and PS2 then? (which have almost 4x the worldwide sales then the Wi....)

jtucker784355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

I agree that the N64 was a phenomenal machine.

But the guy is rating games not the "actual" consoles.

A console may be a rubbish piece of hardware but have decent games developed for it.
And another console may be the ultimate in tech but have no games.

This guy isn't stating the best console, but the best console for games.

Bazookajoe_834356d ago

Wii and ds are in my oppinion vermin to the industry, atleast from a hardcore gamers point of view...

cmrbe4356d ago

PS2 is the best for me sofar.

Product4356d ago

Man i didnt know how little ps3's game library was.

JoelR4356d ago

yeah 390 games released so far worldwide and still growing rapidly...
that is oh so few...

InMyOpinion4355d ago

In contrary to what many fanboys tell themselves, it's pretty lacklustre compared to the library of the 360.

SL1M DADDY4355d ago

Yeah, lackluster when compared to a game library on a console that has been out for a year longer...


People, there is a ton more shovelware on the 360 than the PS3. Having more games is one thing, having more good games is another. Sorry, but the 360's library was good at one time but guess what? I play the recent games for both systems, not the old ones...

The games argument is lame.

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The story is too old to be commented.