Assassin's Creed Syndicate Day 1 Patch Size Revealed;Leaked Gameplay Shows Hilarious Sneaking Skills

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate street date has already been broken and the game is reportedly available in some countries. As there are quite a few people playing the game, we are starting to get impressions/videos from the game including its day 1 patch size and some gameplay.


Article has been updated with a backup of the video.

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skulz72162d ago

I actually like the fact that he wears a top hat whilst walking through the streets. This is Victorian England after all.

Dragonking0072162d ago

Video got taken down... idk if ill be getting this game, ill await reviews.

AtariFanboy2162d ago

And I came here thinking it was a 15gb patch. It seems Ubi has really learned from Unity. Hope this game is good.

esmittystud1012162d ago

Not bad for a day one patch. I like to see what it is six months from now. Some of these big titles have huge patches by the time they been out for a little while. The Wither 3 on my PS4 is over 17 GB. I'm just glad I have 2 TB to burn for it.