Sony Exec Teases “Momentous” Week: “If You Could Only See What I Have Seen;” Hints Paris Games Week

The cogs are spinning at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and Strategic Content Director Shahid Ahmad has been in a teasing mood. He gave some hints on Twitter on a “momentous” week at the PlayStation HQ in the old land of Her Majesty the Queen.

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Thatguy-3101127d ago

Can't freaking wait. So much stuff that's beign cooked on by the majority of their First Party studios. Wonder if any of their big studio is working on PSVR. PGW is going to be great.

nX1127d ago

I think it's finally time to reveal some big projects, many first party studios still have to show off what they were working on during the last few years. Paris Games Week is only 10 days away now and I really think it will be worth the wait.

DarkOcelet1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Quantic Dreams New IP
Sony Bend Open World Horror game.
The Tomorrow Children
No Man's Sky

Its gonna be awesome!

uptownsoul1127d ago

Can't wait...Big, Innovative PS4 games incoming!!!

breakpad1127d ago

probably FFVII remake footage...any hope for Crash Bandicoot ??

Kalebninja1127d ago

@breakpad The Final Fantasy 7 footage will probably be saved for PSX. Crash would never be announced at any event besides PSX or E3 its too big of an announcement.

breakpad1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

@kalebninja to be honest i would not like to see Crash Bandicoot made from ND , having seen the really uninspired concept art from the cancelled Jak an Daster game ..still i want Crash to be owned by Sony again and be made from any other talented dev

thejigisup1127d ago

So many big projects, I'm really happy to be an owner of a ps4, Microsoft still hasn't gotten my buy with what they have on the pipeline other than halo.

dantesparda1127d ago

"Sony Exec Teases “Momentous” Week: “If You Could Only See What I Have Seen;” Hints Paris Games Week"

Then tell us man!

But then I read its Shahid Ahmad and this guys hypes everything up. Taking with a grain of salt.

nix1127d ago

I wonder who will win the media that week?
PS or MS? MS will have their Halo out, PS will have their have announcements.

Either ways fun week.

freshslicepizza1127d ago

i expect the big reveal will be david cage's new game. i want to see more of dreams and what kind of actual game it is.

i'd also like to know a launch date and price for playstation vr but i have a feeling sony wants to wait for the other two vr makers to announce first.

Game4Next1127d ago

Unreal Engine 4, Cry Engine 3, Unity 5, Japanese Developers.

UltraNova1127d ago


"i'd also like to know a launch date and price for playstation vr but i have a feeling sony wants to wait for the other two vr makers to announce first."

Damn right they are and if they aren't they better be cheaper to begin with.

LonDonE1127d ago

Announcements are great and all but nothing is better then having actual games to play!!

I would rather solid release dates and games to play over videos and coming soon labels.
Dont get me wrong, i love all 3 of my current gen consoles but i would be a liar if i didnt say I was dissatisfied with the ps4 first party launches.

This year fall and last year were boring, i know the first few years usually is for any new consoles but why have we not gotten a new gran turismo yet? Some god of war 4 footage? David cages new game? A new wipeout, warhawk, resistance???? These are the franchises i loved on my ps3!
Closing studio liverpool was a travesty, but maybe another dev could make the new wipeout??

Iam just wanting more from sony, focus less on third party devs because sony is the market leader by a big margin so third parties will come any way.
So far i have feltt most of sony games on ps4 to be underwhelming.
I hope they give us some release dates at the event instead of more videos marked coming soon.

uptownsoul1127d ago


"Announcements are great and all but nothing is better then having actual games to play!!

I would rather solid release dates and games to play over videos and coming soon labels."

Let me help you understand the process...
First the game has to be announced.
Then you get the play over videos.
Then the coming soon labels.
Then comes the solid release dates.
Then the actual game to play.

We'd all love developers to announce a game and magically have it on store shelves the next day, but the world doesn't work that way

LonDonE1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Dude i am over 30years old and been gaming for ages i understand the process better then u possibly.
But that doesnt change the fact that ps4 has been out 2yrs and still doesnt have a very big library of games I FIND INTERESTING.
Its been lack lustre so far.
I just want them to do better is all!! dont know why so many get so butt hurt on this website if anyone says anythng about sony.

I LOVE SONY, i buy everything sony, but i have been dissatisfied with the ps4 so far.
I am eagrly awaiting god of war 4, Gran turismo 7, Uncharted 4, last of us 2, david cages game, etc etc i want release dates not more tech demoes.

Dont get me wrong videos etc are all great, but this is the second year/fall in a row i will be playing my x1 non stop while my ps4 gathers dust exclusive wise.
Deny it all u want, but i would love a new residtance, or even a remaster etc. lol

Anyone with a braincell can figure out that playstation vr is the reason why the franchises we love are probably being delayed and its b.s.

Pintheshadows1126d ago

'that ps4 has been out 2yrs and still doesnt have a very big library of games I FIND INTERESTING.'

That is all on you. The library is large and diverse. Far larger than the PS3 at this time in its lifecycle.

uptownsoul1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )


Nothing you find interesting? Well then...I DEMAND SONY STOP WHAT THEIR WORKING ON IMMEDIATELY they can make something @LonDonE finds interesting.

Sony didn't make a major AAA game that @LonDonE was interested in?...smh...How could Sony have been so STUPID???

Septic1126d ago

Here come the megatons

Apocalypze1126d ago

Man Fallout 4 is all i need for the next 3 years! #JoinTheWasteland

dantesparda1124d ago

I told youse, yet I got all those disagrees, it was Tricky Towers (I mean come on, seriously). I'm with LonDone, I feel like he feels, I also prefer PS4 to my X1 but also feels that Sony has been very slow on the exclusive front (and especially firmware front). But LonDone I disagree that Sony fanboys act like that only on this site or that only Sony fanboys act like that. All fanboys act like that, MS fanboy too.

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IAmLee1127d ago

Still waiting on that elusive God Of War 4 reveal :')

Azzanation1127d ago

That's the thing I'm afraid of. If Sony are pushing most of there 1st parties to develop games on PS VR and I am hoping PS VR isn't the big thing Sony are showing at Paris.

Sorry I am not a VR fan, that tech does not interest me.

bothebo1127d ago

It's a fad.... How do you advertise VR? How do you get it in people's hand to try it (it's a headset)? How do you convince people of the value since the PS4 is required for it? I don't think there's an easy answer to any of these questions.... Sony said they had strong demand for this. From who!? The Sony fanboys who answer every survey and buy all their products but represent the minority? How is this a better investment than investing in Vita games several years ago? Do they honestly expect to even sell more than the Vita? I just don't understand.

For those that say you need to try it, so does 99.9% of the people Sony is trying to sell it to so screw off.

LonDonE1126d ago

agreed kinda like 3d during ps3 era, uncharted 3 visuals were hurt due to 3d. I think defo sony has been holding stuff back due to vr.

As long as all the games work well on ps4 without vr then iam fine.
3d hurt killzone 3 and uncharted 3 visuals, both games were notbas refined and polished as the older itterations, for instance jaggies/aliasing.
Killzone 3 had allot of jaggies as did uncharted 3 vs killzone 2 and uncharted 2 and both games had 3d modes.

I want vr to do well, but i just dont want great games locked to yet another device we have to buy.
I bought PS4 expecting to be able to play all its games!!

Sadly the blind fanboys will encourage all the bs which is rife in this industry.
As long as there is an option to play said games on a bog standard ps4 without vr i will be happy.

Spotie1126d ago

Lol at guys who are never interested in anything Sony does... not being interested in something Sony does.

robtion1127d ago

I'm excited to see what they show but find they usually over hype things so am keeping my expectations in check.

Abriael1127d ago

I wish he did. I also doubt it. But I'd be happy to be surprised.

UltraNova1127d ago

Look the whole 'fruits' tease was quite revealing.

God damn it,could Crash be back home??!

DarkOcelet1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Or Dark Cloud 3!

"I don’t have to be on stage for you to see fruits ;)"

I am far fetching here but he said fruits....

Crash has fruits...

Wumpa Fruits!

Crash Bandicoot confirmed!

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

lol Dark Ocelet needs Dark Cloud 3 in his life!

That would be an epic reveal.

DarkOcelet1127d ago


Dark Cloud 3 needs to happen lol. Been waiting too long for this.

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

@DarkOcelet after this years's E3, I pretty much ready for any game announcement, lol anything goes now.

Dark Cloud 3 is very much a possibility, with all the JRPG love coming to PS, I don't see Sony ignoring the install base and not making a JRPG or not doing a Dark Cloud game.

DarXyde1127d ago

No, he's misleading you, mate.

He was up front about fruits. He was hoping you'd say "far fetching".

Far. Fetching.

You have to Fetch Fruits Far away.

3 Fs.

Fruits need rain. Rain is produced by clouds. Him not being on stage means he's there but unseen.

He's hiding in the shadows.

Shadow = Dark.

Dark Cloud 3 confirmed.

DarkOcelet1127d ago


LOL! That was awesome +bub for funny and i hope to God you are right.

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nowitzki20041127d ago

We have a bigger chance of seeing Half-Life 4

Travis37081127d ago

What's so great about that game?

I really need to play the others since it's so good.
or at least Youtube it

Letthewookiewin1127d ago

The series has become a bit of a white whale.

pyroxxx1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

HL1 was revolutionary,.. AI was insane,.. and pretty amazing game for its time,..Campaign aged pretty well,..

HL2 was revolutionary in terms of real time physics and looked quite well for the time,.. but it became the most overrated game ever made (Story was weak and pretty damn stupid,.. even for gaming standards) I also think HL2's gameplay aged way worse

Azzanation1127d ago

Half Life is granted one of the best video games in video game history. 1 and 2 revolutionised the FPS and games in general. If you haven't played it then I suggest you do. Grab Steam and download Black Mesa (Half Life 1 remake)

UltraNova1127d ago

Its more possible that he saw HALO 6 on PS4 or even The last of us 2 on xb1 than having seen HL3...

Eonjay1127d ago

Sony was smart to choose Paris Games Week. They are expecting 250k visitors this year and that places it among the biggest in the world. Also, the strategic benefit of having a show right before the holidays makes sense. I'm excited.

OB1Biker1127d ago

Well it was already around 270k last year so yea I think it should be even more this year.
Its just cool to have Sony conference in France this year since I dont see why it would be always in Germany, and like you said, its a better timing rather than just after E3