Will Rockstar soon announce GTA for the Wii?

From gameplayer: "…we find it hard to believe that Rockstar is not scheming to bring the world's biggest gaming franchise to the most coveted console on the planet."

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Silogon3750d ago

After GTA4, R* isn't applicable to me anymore. I don't care what they do and where they do it at. Odds are I won't be playing their junk anymore and I damn sure won't be paying for it if I do.

UnSelf3750d ago

easy there much as i would hate to point fingers, Sam himself admitted that 'IV' was hindered by the 360's limitations. Giv them a chance, its they first argumentative slip up

Rourker3750d ago

cool it man, plus aren't they making La Noir? that looks like a nice game from what I've seen anyway.

NowGen3749d ago

if you think gta4 was hindered by the 360, then you ain't seen nothing yet my friend.

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AcidHorse3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

they will announce an apology for releasing another crappy GTA game on the Wii.

Isaac3750d ago

Compared to the next-gen versions. No online play, last-gen technology, and the only novelty will be that the usual rockstar mini-games will be played with another kind of controller. Yeah, very exciting. More mafia/gangster storylines? No thank you, Bully was a lot more refreshing than the usual video game storyline anyway.

Do Bully 2 as a Wii exclusive and I'll buy it instantly.

ChickeyCantor3749d ago

You are right... i mean San andreas was from the future right?

GiantEnemyCrab3750d ago

It should be an easy port from the PS3 version since the Wii isn't HD and conveniently the PS3 version of GTA isn't as well.

UnSelf3750d ago

u kno, im one of the few readers who giv u bubbles just to hav a couple of u 360 guys left but i see u just dont want bubbles at all.

I giveth i taketh

GiantEnemyCrab3750d ago

"giveth i taketh "

Back at you. Oh and while your busy dislodging that PS3 from your arse maybe you can find your sense of humor up there as well.

UnSelf3750d ago

the funniest thing about it all is how laughable ur comments be in this so called console war. Yet i guess the only thing more laughable is tha fact i giv u bubbles constantly. smh @ myself

Gangsta Krizzab3750d ago

GTA on wii = GTA San Andres in Liberty City.

Well graphic wise.

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The story is too old to be commented.