Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures Now on Pre-Order at Walmart

Here are the details on Walmart's pre-order for Animal Crossing Amiibo.

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MzDino1929d ago

So happy they decided to make Animal Crossing amiibos AND the amiibo cards. I do hope they announce a full fledged Animal Crossing game for the Wiiu though.

MRBIGCAT1929d ago

35 bucks for a 3 pack seems expensive! Have amiibos gone up in price?

LAWSON721929d ago

No I believe the retro and splatoon pack was $35. Other than the $16 for the yarn yoshi, they are still $13 each

Paulhammer1929d ago

I already owe Tom Nook my soul... WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?!

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1928d ago

Man, these amiibo figs just keep coming, and people keep buying. I tried to keep up to this whole collecting them thing, but just couldn't do it. When will the madness stop.