Europe's Trophy Advantage: Buzz! Quiz TV

PlayStation LifeStyle - "Europe is really getting the Platinum trophy treatment. Not only did they get the Uncharted trophy patch about a half day before the rest of the world, they also get the trophy patch to Buzz! Quiz TV first. The latter is partly because this title has not been released worldwide as of yet. You get the point though.

Buzz is a game that is set up like a quiz show. You and 3 other players can play and answer questions from various subjects. You can also create your own quizzes. This game will be released stateside September 23rd."

Trophy list after the jump.

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PirateThom4351d ago

Hurray up, Americans! :P

The trophies for Buzz are probably the easiest set so far, but, it's going to take a while to play 50 games on each mode to get a gold trophy.

sa_nick4351d ago

Well, im pickin this game up in a few hours. Mostly because its for my bro's bday, but also coz i want precious precious trophies.