Face-Off: Transformers: Devastation

Digital Foundry:
Out of the three versions available, it's fair to say that PS4 and PC clearly offer the more refined experience. A locked 60fps provides a level of fluidity and consistency only possible with unwavering performance metrics, while image quality is a step above the Xbox One game. PC takes the overall lead, boasting the cleanest anti-aliasing solution, with PS4 coming in a close second. Xbox One owners still get a highly entertaining release well worth picking up for Transformers fans that use Microsoft machine as their primary console: frame-rate drops are mild enough to not impact gameplay in most situations, with light judder the most noticeable side-effect.

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sadsatan3195d ago

xbone's esram is too small for 1080p. it's a simple fact. devs have to use akward techniques to reach 60fps e.g. dynamic resolution in halo 5

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Immorals3195d ago

Pretty sure there's more native 1080p games on Xbox than non 1080p.

PygmelionHunter3195d ago

Just a question. What's so awkward about dynamic resolution? It's probably the most ideal solution to keep a desired framerate when the engine goes through some heavy stuff.

In fact, ever since I saw how well it worked for Wipeout HD on PS3, I've wished most developers would use it.

The fact that developers keep using stuff like locked Vsync on games that can't hold a stable FPS just so we won't see screen tearing is embarrassing.

MasterCornholio3195d ago

I remember playing the latest Wolfenstein game on the PS4. That game had dynamic resolution but I really didn't notice it while playing the game.

I'm wondering if it's difficult to implement in games which is why most developers don't use it.

PygmelionHunter3194d ago


Yeah, probably. Though in the case of Wolfestein, it was running on ID Tech 5(?), which I read on an interview that it only allowed for 60fps, which is why it ran with such consistency across both last gen and current gen platforms. Same with Rage, which was another game developed on that engine.

My only guess is that you'd need to build the engine around the whole idea of being able to sacrifice resolution as a resource to boost frame rate. Problem is, developers nowadays won't care much for it, as long as their consumers don't. And I've seen plenty of blind support towards some developers who put graphics over gameplay.

Heck, I got hell in the comments section about 2 months ago for saying that I was waiting for a patch that fixed The Witcher 3's performance on PS4 so that I would finally buy it. Guess what, DF posted an article recently, stating that CDPR finally got around fixing the frame rate in the latest patch, and the difference was night and day. None of the trolls that had attacked me showed up that day.

MasterCornholio3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )


"Heck, I got hell in the comments section about 2 months ago for saying that I was waiting for a patch that fixed The Witcher 3's performance on PS4 so that I would finally buy it."

Your not the only one. I actually thought the PS4 version was broken due to the lock at 20FPS in the bog. I'm glad I waited because they appear to have fixed the issue.

I never buy games with unacceptable (to me) performance levels.

Skate-AK3195d ago

Surprised that the performance on the Xbone isn't as good as PS4. I remember it being announced for Xbone way earlier than PS4. I could be wrong though. That is just what I remember.

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Activision's Transformers Games Have Been Relisted On Xbox And Steam Stores

Activision's Transformers games have been relisted on the Xbox and Steam stores, suggesting they could be available in the future.

Inverno12d ago

Aw snap, i pirated the first game since I couldn't get it on steam but couldn't get it to work. Guess i don't gotta go out of my way now. Now if only SONY worked with em to port over Edge of Time or remastered Shattered and Edge.

11d ago
Redgrave11d ago

The bots have returned!

*slow dramatic falling to the floor*

Inverno11d ago

"please add .com" what a well mannered bot.

CobraKai12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

WTF? I’ve been wanting to replay Fall/War games. So bummed they didn’t make em backwards compatible. I think imma have to dig out my 360 out of storage

P_Bomb11d ago

Really wish they’d finish off the Fall/War run as a trilogy. The IP’s being wasted on mediocre games.

CobraKai11d ago

Yeah. Didn’t they try and merge the movie game and the Cybertron game for Dark of the Moon or something?

P_Bomb11d ago

I think they tried, but that’s one game I never played. Which is funny cuz I have the other movie games. Last TF game I bought was Devastation.

FinalFantasyFanatic11d ago

I really loved those games, I have them on my Steam account, but I wish they made more games like that.

ActualWhiteMan11d ago

Definitely don’t see them on steam…


The Best Games You Can't Officially Buy Anymore

From Xfire: "It's been estimated that roughly half of the video games ever released on the market can no longer be downloaded or purchased. Whether this is exactly correct is not the point. Rather, we think that either way, the video game industry, as a whole, has done a terrible job at preserving video games and making older titles available to play for future generations."

Terry_B1153d ago

You can play all of these games still lol. The headline is just misleading. Funny is that there is not one game in the list that you really can't play anymore due to it being online only games.

CorndogBurglar1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Its not about games you can't play. Its about games you can't officially buy anywhere.

Terry_B1153d ago

The author changed it actually

Army_of_Darkness1152d ago

Who needs to buy these games anyway? Most of them are average at best and won't really be missed.

littletad1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

It says buy, not play though. You can't purchase Deadpool or the Simpsons game anymore. Unless you have a 360 for the simpsons or a physical copy of deadpool, or purchased it before it was delisted.

shuvam091153d ago

Look at his comment. It's from 9 hours ago. Article goes back 4 hours. Title might have been changed after realising the mistake

isarai1153d ago

One you actually legit cannot play AT ALL is Noby Noby Boy. I miss turning my brain off and messing around in that game, was so psyched to re-download it when i rebought a ps3 slim, but you cant, even if it's in your downl library, along with a few other obscure PS3 games i had.

NecrumOddBoy1153d ago

The original memes to the moon game. Loved NNB on PS3.