Wasteland 2 Graphics Comparison Video Shows Major Differences

A video which compares the original Wasteland 2 with the console and PC versions of Wasteland 2 Director's Cut.

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freshslicepizza1874d ago

the pc original looks much darker, i don't recall the contrast being like that before but the new directors cut is better.

kaizokuspy1874d ago

This game is definitely my favorite unknown game to me this gen. Knew nothing about it until the day it went live on psn. Saw it, said to myself," I like tactical rpg that has fallout elements in it", 30 hrs later, I still have my same 4 squad members I lovingly created, an army of animals that boost a squad members classic, and named weapons that are pretty epic. This game blew my mind wide open and here's hoping it will hold me until Nov 10

abstractel1874d ago

Is this a joke? They barely look different. Yes, I can see minute differences but "major differences"? Right...