Shadow of the Colossus Inspired Prey for the Gods Looks Amazing

BNR: Indie studio No Matter recently released a trailer for their debut game, Prey for the Gods, a game in which you must defeat the giant gods you believe in- we have the trailer embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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Kalebninja2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Always felt there should be more games like SotC and this looks pretty cool. Hopefully the puzzle aspect of beating a boss is there too.

DarkOcelet2169d ago

Its really weird that only Castlevania Lords Of Shadows that did a similar gameplay mechanic.

camel_toad2169d ago

Very interested in seeing how this turns out.

jg4xchamp2169d ago

This game looks so badass.

Stringerbell2169d ago

PC exclusive? The video nor the devs own site gives no information as to what platform this is coming out for..

mister_zolos2169d ago

they have answered in there YouTube channel this is a copy paste of there answer............At this time we are developing on PC for Windows/Mac. We'll look at other platforms when we're ready. thanks!

Relientk772169d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider meets Shadow of the Colossus

This looks pretty sweet

Shadowsteal2169d ago

Just because of the bow and female protagonist?... there was a bow in Shadow of the Colossus.

Tomb Raider is known for her dual wield pistols, not her bow in the reboots.

memots2169d ago

yes B.s with titanfall. Suddenly all game that has jet pack is like titanfall.

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The story is too old to be commented.