UGO: Interview with Mega Man 9 Producer - Hironobu Takeshita

UGO writes: "We recently had a chance to sit down with Mega Man 9 and Zack & Wiki producer, Hironobu Takeshita, to talk to him about his work on the upcoming downloadable Mega Man title. While many of us left the 8-bit era behind years ago, Takeshita has been up to his eyes in blocky pixels and retro sound bites for the past year. Read on for the full interview that uncovers just what it's like to bring classic gaming back to the latest generation of consoles.

UGO: Whose idea was it to revive Mega Man in such an old-school way. The pixels, the sound, the game play… it all looks so completely retro.

Takeshita: It was Mr. Inafune, the father of Mega Man. As you know, he was the designer and planner of many of the NES games back in the day, so it was really familiar for him to go back and design that type of game. He remembers those games as being simple but really fun, and he wanted to see if that could be done now--if you could bring back that simplistic fun to the new generation.

Now we have the Virtual Console and XBLA and so people are downloading old-school games. People are looking at them in a new light and seeing that they were fun games, and they are cool games. So the challenge for us was to see whether we could go back and create a game like that now and see if it'll be just as fun amidst the current generation of games."

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