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Tales of Zestiria doesn’t deviate too far from its competent predecessors, but it’s not a carbon copy, either. It may have linear dungeons and a less-than-stellar story, but it’s open-world exploration, enjoyable customization, and flashy new Armitization feature are enough for it to stand on its own.

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FallenAngel19842671d ago

IGN seems to have an addiction of giving JRPGs a 7.8/10

Geobros2671d ago

Haha!! So true, I am seeing very often that score on ign site.

Baka-akaB2671d ago

IGN (and others) are basically close to just using some office template where they just switch names of the tales games (and a few jrpg) and heroes names ...

Have been since forever

DarkOcelet2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Gives Tales 7.8/10 because its too similar to the last game and says it have a Bland story and characters

Gives COD 9/10 because it has a Bland story and characters and is similar to the last game.

Yup, seems legit.

Cryptcuzz2671d ago

This is so true, it is both funny and scary to see a big media name like IGN do this.

blackblades2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Someone needs to put them on the spot about this in a world wide live tv interview.

Eterna1Ice2671d ago

Umm, it might a little bit sudden, but the reviews for those games are written by different people...

Sono4212670d ago

Umm you forget the big difference between this and call of duty is that the campaign is never the main focus of call of duty, it's always multiplayer and zombies/spec ops/survival/extinction so call of duty's campaign being lackluster doesn't really matter because that's not why people always buy the new cod, this game however only has the story mode.

DarkOcelet2670d ago

Do you know how much content this campaign has? You can go over 100 hours and still dont unlock everything.

Yui_Suzumiya2669d ago

I only purchase Call of Duty for the campaign and zombie mode.

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DragonDDark2671d ago

I just read 4 reviews praising the story -_____-

Sly-Lupin2670d ago

Most people in Games media have no real ability to articulate... well, anything. "Story" is a very general term, that doesn't have much more meaning than "graphics" or "audio." Tales Of games typically have (very) cliched, archetypal plots and equally cliched and archetypal characters... and follow a very, very familiar formula. What makes the Tales Of games stand out is the quantity (and, usually, quality) of the characterization.

vanity292671d ago

Geez. Why do they keep giving shooters high scores if story and originality matters? Lmao

GamerGT2671d ago

Seems like a decent review. This games looks fun though in my opinion. I'm going to have to get it.

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