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Game Revolution: Ninjatown DS Preview

Game Revolution writes: "Ninja Town takes a popular video game scheme that is traditionally rooted in ranged combat and makes it a little-not much, but a little-more personal. Even though a lot of bad, cowardly people seem to use them, I personally don't see anything dishonorable about ranged weapons per se. If you think about it, giving the other guy any opportunity whatever to hit you back is just, well, stupid. Still, there is something satisfying about coming down from your tower and wailing on someone ninja-style… even if the ninjas in questions are almost too calculatedly-cute to handle.

Ninja Town for the Nintendo DS is half hybrid action/strategy game, half blatant marketing ploy tie-in to the nearly limbless, collectable little plushies of the same name. Mechanically, it's a slight tweak of a 'tower defense' game, wherein players knock up huts of various defensive capacities along the path of a road twisting through town-along which march processions of different enemy types. Making the most of available resources, it's the player's job to strategically place said huts in a manner that will most impede the enemy's surprisingly-orderly, parade-route onslaught."

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mmike8553750d ago

Great writing, hilarious, and balanced.