Watch 9 minutes of exclusive Hard Reset PS4 gameplay

First Flying Wild Hog's game, Hard Reset, is coming to PS4. Watch 9 minutes of exclusive console gameplay from Poznań Game Arena. With enhanced engine and new weapon - katana from Shadow Warrior! Release date is not yet known, but game looks superb!

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masterfox1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

WOW Hard Reset!!!? Remembering playing this game years ago on my PC never finish it thou, cause it was very buggy still lots of particle effects and pretty looking I hope that gets intact.

update: some particles effects are missing still game the looks freaking awesome, with correct price definitely will get this :D

LifeInNZ1683d ago

Gameplay definitely looks dated but priced right as a PSN title it could provide a brief distraction.

GribbleGrunger1683d ago

Going around killing stuff in first person ... There's a novelty.

redey31683d ago

why not xbox one? :(((

LexHazard791683d ago

Thinking same thing. I guess we gotta wait for Shadow Warrior 2 for some of this fun action. Tho I will most likely have a PS4 by the time of release,so that will help.

DigitalRaptor1683d ago

Oh damn... I forgot this is coming to PS4. Awesome.

Played this on PC couple of years ago. Definitely lots of fun!

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