480° slashes $150 off Xbox 360 Elite. Offers it for $299 is offering an Xbox 360 Elite bundle for only $299. $150 off retail price.

The bundle includes:

- Xbox 360 Elite System
- Forza Motorsport 2
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition
- Xbox 360 Faceplate – Hotrod & Carbon Fiber


It seems has put the price back to $449.00. Unsure whether it was either a really quick deal or a typo.

Sorry for any confusion.

Update 2:

Product page isn't working now. Looks like it's out of stock now.

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Voozi3729d ago

Deffently a steal for those out there looking to get a 360 and haven't purchased one. Wonder how long the stock on the site will last & how long this deal with go on for.

KingME3729d ago

Deals good til aug 8th

actas1233729d ago

This is a price mistake. Sometimes dell does that.

Lifendz3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

I clicked on the link and it gave a price of 449.00

avacadosnorkel3729d ago

the wait until after Christmas would be wise because it might be 50 bucks by then

BrotherNick3729d ago

Hell, I want an arcade for 200. Don't need a hard drive lol.

icarus22563729d ago

That is a killer deal wish I waited a few months, bought my elite two months ago. Can everyone sing the PS3 song, "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey GoodBye!"

games4fun3729d ago

about things going away
not only does your console die but your avatar does as well

ruibing3729d ago

You do know that the Falcons are still vulnerable to RRoD. If you look at the anandtech article dissecting the Falcon rev, they improved the GPU cooling but skimped on the CPU. You would do better to wait for Jasper when both GPU and CPU are shrinked before you start singing your ballad.

Silellak3729d ago

Get thy lame fanboy crap to the Open Zone, post-haste.

TheSadTruth3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

don't worry, all xbox fans end up in the open zone

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uckitsayitchbay3729d ago

I would get one if they paid me the 300 bones to take it off there hands lol muwahhhaaaaa

KingME3729d ago

no one ever accused you of being intelligent anyway now have they?

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The story is too old to be commented.