Gamedaily: Ten Things That Make Madden NFL 09 Worth Buying

Gamedaily writes: "Stop wondering if you should drop $60-$90 on the new Madden. Here are 10 reasons why you'll buy it next week:

10. Every version offers something unique.

The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii versions of Madden won't be the only ones with exclusive features. For instance, the Nintendo DS version has minigames and single-cartridge play for multiple players. The PSP version has a new Play Calling System and better player indicators, along with expanded AdHoc/Infrastructure connection options. As for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox (yes, it's coming for Xbox), you can expect a new SuperSim mode, along with a Franchise Scoring System and an enhanced Fantasy Challenge."

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PistolPumptMonk3726d ago

Gamedaily can take each of their ten reasons from all of their stupid ten reasons articles and shove them up their own hole of choice.

Kleptic3726d ago

agreed...and I would prefer their hole of choice to be a bullet wound...

clintos593726d ago

I thought some1 would have sent a trojan horse already to that beautiful site, lol. :P

Hot_tea3726d ago

1 It's NFL
2 Same crap different box
3 It's NFL
4 It's NFL
5 It's NFL
6 It's NFL
7 It's NFL
8 It's NFL
9 The demo sucked HUGE donkey balls.
10 It's NFL

SoulBrotha32923726d ago

im gettin 09 b4 street date yeah boiiii

socalr63726d ago

I still can't find anything worth spending my $100.00 NFL shop gift cert on from when I purchased my Samsung LCD. I guesss I can pick up collectors edition.

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