New pictures from Heavy Rain

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xhi45341d ago

no wayy, look at that hair! Each strand of hair is rendered, look at her eyes damnnn its like unbelievably realistic. That looks like CG!

the game better have damn good gameplay, great gameplay + wiked visuals = win!

gaffyh5341d ago

If that is in game...WOW. In fact even if it is CG it is very very good.

Kaneda5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

If those are real in-game pics.. 4D FOOL! :)

aww.. dammit! someone took away my bubble! BASTARD!

jwatt5341d ago

Even if that's a in-game cutscene, it's beats MGS4 but we don't know if it's in-game.

Kami5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

it looks nice, nuff said.
EDIT:HOlY shiet at the last pic with the motorcycle.

Lifendz5341d ago

I really need a laugh right now.

Pictures look sick. Keep justifying my purchase Sony.

Qbanboi5341d ago

Jesus Christ. I feel the Armageddon coming.

jwatt5341d ago

I don't know if this is in-game, I mean her hair, the water on her face just looks too real. What ever it is, it looks very promising.

HighDefinition5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

Quantic Dream run all their cut scenes using the in-game engine, in all previous games.

Like RE4 did, or Indigo Prophecy, for that matter.

The Cell has been utilized, 2009 is offically off the f**kin hook!


It`s in-game. Trust me brother. Did you play Indigo Prophecy? They pushed the PS2 hard/far.

Kleptic5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

not to be picky...but its 'CG' either way...CG as in computer generated, refers to both real time and pre-rendered rendering...if its not hand drawn animation or stop motion photographed animation...its CG animation...

agreed though...if that is real time rendering...its unmatched currently...and that doesn't seem impossible to be real time...MGS4 had similar water rippling effects on 'wet' characters in real time also...and had every bit of the facial detail also...where this looks ridiculous though is in the hair, where I have not seen anything that realistic in real time to date...also though, the animation is what will make or break it...all that detail will really put a strain on how realistic the animation will need to doubt they can pull it off, the PS3 is very capable of the new facial motion capture stuff developers are now using (although sparingly, its expensive as hell, But that was the best part of HS...and Killzone 2 is currently the only other announced game to be using it to that degree)

MazzingerZ5341d ago

...just for a second try to imagine how GoW3 will look like...just for a second....this looks awesome!

HighDefinition5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

That as the 1st thing I thought. People thought Killzone2 couldn`t do it, it did.

Someone close to the GOW3 team said it`s VERy close to the trailer, I BELIEVE them.

2009/Bluray/Cell FTMFW.

Edit: @kleptic

ahh. changed it.


doshey5341d ago

imagine the graphics better than the video they showed at e3

Kleptic5341d ago

^^it wasn't the GoW 3 team that said that, at least if you are talking about that E3 podcast from GS 2 weeks was a 'source' that is close to the development team so far, and saw some of it but was not allowed to 'talk about it'...kind of vague, but thor made it clear that it was not some Sony rep saying 'yeah it will look that good' was a non-Sony source that somehow got to see some of it before the game was even announced...

GoW 3 is using the Killzone 2 lighting engine according to Guerilla, while they borrowed a lot of the destructibility assets from the GoW 3 yeah, it will look ridiculous as well if that is true...

cyclindk5341d ago

It is CG, that is, generated by a computer (PS3 is a computer); I believe pre-rendered is the term you are looking for, and you're right, it looks as good as many pre-rendered images.

Bombibomb5341d ago

Sony haters owned! This looks INSANE!

And yes those screen shots were taken from real-time cut-scenes running on the PS3 hardware. Quantic Dream doesn't use CGI.

Kami5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

dint they say that GOW3 looked like the Beowulf movie? or something like that

Tarasque5341d ago

The model look's very good, but the water on the face doesn't fit. What is the expression used here alot, O Yeah to plastic looking not the face just the water on the face just look's odd. Doesn't fit right to me but other than that look's good. Right up there with mass effect anyway's.

actas1235341d ago

it looks good, but not really that impressive.

wildcat5341d ago

It's in-game. Check out the video. It says real-time 3D on PS3.

juuken5341d ago




I have never seen something THAT realistic in my entire life. Sweet God almighty, how many times have I stated that the PS3 is a freakin' beast?!

NegativeCreep4275341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

Microsoft, Take You're Best Shot!!!

TheDeadMetalhead5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )


Omfg epic!! :)

CrazzyMan5341d ago

you heard this first here. =)

overall, the game looks AMAZING, next is GoW3 with beowolf-like graphics.
PS3 FTW! =) NEXTGEN, here i come! =))

HighDefinition5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

I think 2009 is ALL, when I say ALL I mean ALL.....PS3.

Can anyone dispute that? I don`t think so. The Line-up is HEAVY. HEAVY. HEAVY. Month 2 Month. If Heavy Rain makes 2009, which it should....MAN.

Seriously, it`s gonna make the WII slow right down, the 360 was always a matter of time. I think of the 360 like the Dreamcast, was GREAT but.....wasn`t the PS2. Also, I no longer consider the WII a gaming system or Nintendo a gaming company. (just to clarify)

incogneato5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

looks amazing and is obviously not pre-rendered. you can tell when something is pre-rendered and when something is real time easily. lets wait and see if this is how the gameplay will look like though. i think it will, given what Killzone looks like and how talented Quantic Dream is.

judging by the way the fat dude is interacting inside that house and the motorcycle going around that town and the streets, this game could potentially revolutionize gaming as we know it and bring us into a whole new level of realism and maturity

Why o why5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

no need for blu ray neither this gen......nah im just s(-)itin ya . up ya bum to allll the haters

nice pic HD whos that girl?

Hidden movie in my comment. bubble everytime i see ya for the movies name or just do it for fun

eee dee eye tee

that page took so long to load up....i know who she is now HD, my bad

NO_PUDding5341d ago

Dear crikey good god....

Day one.

I am sorry but peopel who say the 360 is more powerful, and peopel who moan liek Carmack, they can just chew on Heavy Rain....

This is insane.

(noticed soemone below said it was as good as Mass Effect XD )

GUNS N SWORDS5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

"To sum it up, Carmack and the rest of the team at id believe that the Xbox 360 is the superior hardware. The GPU is all around better, the CPU's are powerful and easy to exploit and system RAM is plentiful while remaining flexible"

also, a good some of those pics of heavy rain are from 06,

edit, the people who clicked disagree, don't even have the balls to say why, lol, fvcken lol, (speechless huh)

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

Now I can't wait 4 leipzig

EDIT: Guns u ruined my moment :(

doshey5341d ago

no im not showing those ones im showing ones ign doesnt have no one had till today cuz they are New pictures shows how much u know

The Wood5341d ago (Edited 5341d ago )

i dont care about your carmack quotes. Show me something on the 360 thats better than gears 1 and ill believe ya. Show me something thats coming even and ill believe ya.

What carmack says vs Stuff we can ACTUALLY see....

you see theory............Im seeing reality

Kleptic5341d ago

Guns and Swords...good post...I didn't click disagree, just to let you know...

but your source does use a paraphrased quote that left some out of the individual interview...when talking last year Carmack said what was in your post in a round about was when the new engine was first shown (where everyone thought rage would be a motorstorm like racing game)...

He was one of the first to clarify on where the 360's strengths in RAM were entirely based on the Ps3's huge OS footprint, of which he said was being constantly optimized by SCE...and that the PS3's superior memory bandwidth was the only thing keeping it competitive at that time...which makes sense...the PS3 was rumored to be using over 100 megs at launch for background OS operations IN GAME!...thats 60 megs more than the is now rumored to be around 50 with 2.40, but that has never been confirmed...

he went on to clearly state the 360 in now way had a 'better memory' setup, comparing it to budget laptops that share system ram for graphics...which is the slowest way to do it by far...when you have a CPU and GPU both accessing a memory bank simultaneously...its always major reason that integrated graphics chips on lesser PCs always perform worse than dedicated GPUs even in cases when they have the same memory...My Vaio has a GMA 950 which can borrow up to 224 megs of the system's 2gigs...and its slower than even some old GeForce 64meg GPUs...

he was mostly getting at both systems being in need of more RAM...that the PS3 had a better memory architecture, but was clearly offset by far higher OS requirements...he also stated that the Cell was an amazing CPU, but one that required unbelievable high amounts of attention to really squeeze, making it not very practical at this stage of game development...his comments also touched on the GPUs of both systems, in which the 360s GPU was stronger on its own, while the RSX clearly had changes made to the G70 archictecture with the Cell in mind...where as, in order to get the RSX to do more than the 360s GPU, you had to dedicate the time needed to push the Cell...which at that point was not practical in the money/time sense...but clearly will change as the generation moves forward...

Your source also stated about how 'its easy to just swap discs'...and that is the biggest mistake of the entire article, and exactly what made Carmacks quotes from last week so significant...while its true that a third disc for rage would help, it was mostly geared toward the fact that the PS3 will be capable of handling actual game engines that are bigger and bigger...if the engine is designed to pool uncompressed textures from the disc or HDD, and also takes up enormous amounts of space, disc swapping doesn't fix the problem...unless of course the entire game is installed onto a massive HDD, of which MS doesn't even offer yet...and when they do, who the hell will want to spend that much to buy it?...

I'll dig up the article...its linked on this Tech Engine 5, and you will get several articles with Q and As from the original TE5 announcement last year...

bpac1234567895341d ago

it looks extremely realistic but honestley i don't fully understand what the game is even about. i saw the trailer and it looked cool, but how do you play? is it an interactive movie? is it open world or free roam? im just confused. But whatever it is it looks great.

gambare5341d ago

It's on the journalism too

they just simply can't accept that the PS3 is capable of doing outstanding graphics, I just can't wait to see games like GoW3 or the PS3 ICO game

DeadIIIRed5341d ago

Who cares what Carmack thinks? I've yet to see anything on the 360 that looks anywhere near as awesome as this game. Why the hell are you bringing up random sh*t anyways lol?

cahill5341d ago

"Not one to blow his own trumpet, Teramoto also expressed his pleasure to offer RR7 in 1080p, at 60fps and in 5.1, something he claims is only possible on the PS3."

no game on x360 runs at 1080p, 60 fps
PS3 has 6 games which run at that rez, fps including GT5p --1080p 60 fps

Chandresh Patel5341d ago

I agree with Cahill,the Ps3 is truly showing why it costs slightly more than the 360,the games just look better than those offered on Microsofts box

RemmM5341d ago

That is the most realistic, upclose to the face I have EVER seen in a console..

uie4rhig5340d ago

how about real life xD you know, your face, hands feet and that of other humans :P

jk lol

but these screens look awesomeness!!1

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Liquid Dust5341d ago

woah, I second that, lookin real fine

Chandresh Patel5341d ago

If that is in-game,then I think it's time some of us admit we were in the wrong for bashing the Ps3...

Gabe,you want to go first?Carmack,you're next

mfwahwah5341d ago

I cannot wait for all the non-Sony fanboys to bash this when it's out and looking this good. It'll be so funny knowing they're bull****ing themselves hardcore :P. This is assuming the gameplay is good enough, but I don't doubt QD's abilities.

clintos595341d ago

I loved Indigo Prophecy and this is looking to be another amazing title. I cant believe how real she looks, now this got to be some of the best character models ive seen on any platform period including pc. I mean just look at the rain drop on her face and look at her eyes, they look so real life. Wow.

RememberThe3575340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

...or are those clouds the best you've ever seen.

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Raoh5341d ago

i cant wait for this game...

the casting demo gave me chills..

i'm almost done with indigo prophecy too.. i strongly recommend everyone play it... indigo prophecy came out for xbox and ps2 even though heavy rain is ps3 exclusive

Chandresh Patel5341d ago

If Heavy Rain[working title] plays as good as Indigo Prophecy,then Sony have a HUGE game on their hands,especially with the way this game is looking.

I mean,my GOD,this pic is INSANE

mmike8555341d ago

These guys have a great track record, and I'm excited to see what they do with this title! Here's hoping GC and Tokyo Games Show reveal more about this game!

SixTwoTwo5341d ago

HR is all but confirmed for GC ;)

metalhead5341d ago

Just like the when the PS2 had a game to make it the best system, this will do the same for the PS3. Screw the White Engine PS3 FTW