Is the Gaming Media Biased? The Microsoft Payola

Thomas Rowland writes:

"A topic of notable interest has recently been brought to the forefront of gaming journalism: is the gaming media biased toward Microsoft, or are its hardware and multi-platform titles truly outperforming its next-generation competitors? Popular gaming forums have hosted numerous debates, mostly detailing coverage of the latest mega-conference E3, at the root of this bias. Posters point to popular gaming sites and shows (G4TV, AOTS, etc.) suggesting that Microsoft has received additional coverage and praise over competitors.

The idea of media bias is nothing new; it has been going on for a long time. The original form of the bias was coined as "Payola," at the invention of the radio. Record label executives and people of similar interests would pay off radio stations to play songs on their label more. In turn, the increased play time on the radio heightened song popularity. While the impact on a superficial examination looks minimal, we must address the exposure in compounded terms, a 3-minute song getting aired one more time over the course of a year, that's 1095 minutes (18:15) of the same song!

So, how does this relate to video games?"

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marinelife93777d ago

We all know this is going on yet we still manage to get on with our lives.

Microsoft is a company trying to make money. They are already buying the games they would be stupid not to spend a little extra for positive media coverage for the IP's.

GiantEnemyCrab3777d ago

His basis for this was because they got more E3 coverage? Are they for real? I guess this person has never been to N4G. MS get's bashed in the press all the time.

It's almost like the 360 can't really earn the praise, everything said good about it is because it was paid for. GMAFB! I love the 360 and it deserves to be talked about and praised.

Gaming "journalism" is getting to the point where I can't barely stomach to read it nowadays.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33777d ago

Of course N4G is going to lean towards PS3, and you know why - because it is a lot less biased than some corporate big whig taking a payoff.

N4G is a microcosm of the gaming community. Its content is only a reflection of its user base. When you show everyone's bias, then in a way you have no bias. The content on this site is unfiltered.

The fact that this site leans toward PS3 just shows that there is a genuine interest in the console that is not reflected by newsmedia outlets.

devilhunterx3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

looks like someone hit the giant enemy crab for massive damage....

PimpHandStrong3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

i watched the coverage of MS and Sonys conference.

The secound the Sony opening was done they start talking about FF going to the 360!

Now i understand thats big news but

Sony ended the show with MAG by Zipper! The same ppl that made Socom what it is today! G4 just blew it off like it wasnt even news worthy!

now im a Socom freak so i am biased but a game that offers what MAG=Socom Zero is offering is just plain huge! Its almost like G4 had there eyes already set on MS and what they did and didnt understand what they just missed!

The big test will be R2 and its 60ppl online. If that works then there is no reason a game like MAG by Zipper cant make it work! It was the best thing Sony showed me and everyone just thinks it wont work or its just one more Sony pipe dream!

PimpHandStrong3777d ago

this time last year it was Sony getting all the bad press and N4G was ripe with anti-PS3 ppl!

BiggDaddy3113777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Who can you trust, IGN owns a Xbox site, and their playstation team is terrible, (just look at their most anticipated games of 2008). GT's Editor and Chief Shane Satterfield doesn't even own a PS3 and is an admitted 360 fanboy. G4 has the world gaming championship with only 360 games. Everyone knows that the Xbox is the most faulty gaming device ever created yet we hear nothing but how developers don't like developing for the PS3, Blue ray was a mistake. 360 has the better games etc.

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