7 Video game enemies whose horrifying sounds haunt my nightmares

Mike Clark from [email protected] explores some of the video game enemies that made terrifying noises that haunt him to this very day.

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JoeReno2163d ago

No mention of Clickers from the Last Of Us. Hearing those through my headset terrified me.

Sainox162163d ago

Only one comes to mind and that is RE4'S Regenerators/Iron Maiden so terrifying Imo lol

Lord_Sloth2163d ago

Which isn't on the list for some reason.

MikeClarKent2163d ago

Articles can't go on forever, dude.

Lighter92163d ago

No feral ghouls from Fallout 3 either. I remember the first time I heard one, it scared me pretty good, because I hadn't seen or heard one up to that point.