"I'm out to shut down Rockstar" says Thompson

Non-gamer Jack Thompson tells US talk show Nightline that Rockstar is a "one company crime wave"

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Maldread4349d ago

if thats the case then why not ban movies, books, music, art, etc. In fact, why not ban society it`self. This is the same argument as when movies came out. Some expected people to act as drones to what they saw.

I hope Rockstar include some parody of him in GTA4 hehe.. that would definatly be funny.

unleash bass4349d ago

feck off! IT'S JUST A GAME!

Ravenator5294349d ago

And he knows it. No judge is ever going to rule in favor of Thompson. It would be unconstitutional for Thompson to ever win a trial against video games.

He is just trying to make a bunch of press so that he can make tons of money selling books. There are plenty of idiots that do agree with him and they will support his "cause" with cash.

He is a crook! Because he knows that he will never win yet he still makes people believe that he can. In turn, the suckers pay him money to keep going.

Video games are making Jack Thompson a rich man! And he is the only laughing all the way to the bank!

calderra4349d ago

Sadly, you are wrong.
He has won a number of cases.

And that's more of a commentary about the American legal system than it isabout Thompson.

darx4349d ago

but nothing along the lines of shutting down a company.

Ravenator5294349d ago

Actually he hasn't won any case against video games.

He may have won plenty of malpractice suits and blocked the sale of a 2 Live Crew album in Florida back in the early 90's.

But "luckily" no, he hasn't won any of his bullsh1t cases against the video game industry. Either they have been thrown out or are still in litigation.

LegendaryMark4349d ago

He hasn't even won a video game case, that I know of. He's an attention seeker, pure and simple. Why doesn't he go after violent books, TV and film? It's because they are ingrained in culture, he'd be laughed down if he did. Video games (especially violent ones) are relatively new and an easy target because they're very visual and make a lot of money.

If there's one thing I think everyone on this site agrees about, it's Jack Thompson!

Ravenator5294349d ago

We all agree that he is a douchebag!

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The story is too old to be commented.