Xbox Executives Visit Rare, Lionhead and More, Show Studios, Swag and Play Sea of Thieves

If you want to check out some of the top European Xbox studios from the inside, you have a come to the right place, as Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg and Kudo Tsunoda have been touring them, and have been in a sharing mood.

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slate911099d ago

I want to see more sea of thieves. So jealous.

Immorals1099d ago

My parents live near RARE. Might have to ninja in next time I visit them :p

slate911099d ago

Lmao all black. I bet its low security. Be careful though, the feds watching the internet! :p

Paytaa1099d ago

Make sure to push for a Perfect Dark sequel, a new Conker, and a new Jet Force Gemini

TheCommentator1099d ago

MS needs a Kart racer. Banjo Kart? Like Nuts n' Bolts style creation meets Diddy Kong Racing presentation.

Father Murder X1099d ago

I just want to know one thing................where the hell are the kinect games?

spicelicka1099d ago

Don't remind them! We're better off this way, nobody wants kinect games.

Automatic791099d ago

Rare so far has kicked off this generation with Kinect Rivals, KillerInstinct, Rare Replay and now Sea of thieves. They are well on there way to being a solid MS studio. I have a feeling BattleToads comes after and then a Perfect Dark game.