Transformers Devastation: PS4 vs Xbox One Frame-Rate Test

Platinum Games - developers of Bayonetta, Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising - are behind the latest Transformers title. There's not much to tell between the Xbox One and PS4 versions apart in terms of image quality but performance? Well, that's another matter.

stuna13197d ago

PS4 slaughters the Xbox1 in frame rate. Studdering was very noticeable.

u4one3197d ago

that much of a difference is just negligence on the part of the developer. poor optimization. they probably built it for ps4 and "got it to work" on xbox one.

sashimi3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

its more like movie games have very limited budget and time(these games always seem to be rushed out) not really negligence on the developers part. Also Ps4 is known to be easier to develop for and has superior hardware so yeah of course it'll be the better version of the 2. It just that the lack of time and money makes things all the more noticeable i mean these games aren't going through normal dev cycles here.

MrSec843196d ago

Games should be running with a much bigger difference than this, the sheer gap in hardware performance should push the PS4 much further ahead, it's just that PS4 hasn't been getting the level of attention it and it's install base deserves, since they're much larger and they buy more games overall.

Seriously people winging that XB1 versions aren't running at the same level as PS4 aren't being realistic at all.

It's an outright fact that that there's a 40% gap in GPU performance and PS4's memory is much faster too.
With the sales gap widening people should expect to see PS4 versions of multiplats getting the level of optimization they deserve.

Eonjay3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

You know, this is just a trend. You can't call every developer lazy. COD, Star Wars, just recently Witcher 3 and every other game. This seems to be a clear indication that the Xbox One is a weaker machine. It still looks good though.

Edit: If you have nothing but an Xbox then get it for that but seriously though.. there is no redeeming factor to getting this on the Xbox One if you have a PS4. No honest person would recommend this on the Xbox One over the PS4.

Also, the game looks really fun.

gfk3423196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Poor optimization?!!

We are talking here about Platinum games a well known developer which is actually very familiarized with Xbox platforms (see Bayonetta face off).

Also, don't forget that Platinum games is working for an Xbox exclusive, Scalebound. So surely they have extensive knowledge of X1 platform.

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MasterCornholio3197d ago

I noticed that. While the PS4 should be ahead it shouldn't be by that much.

MrSec843196d ago

There's a 40% gap in GPU performance, the gap should actually be wider than a 10FPS difference in most cases.
If games are hitting the same Resolution and frame rate on bot platforms, then the game isn't demanding or the PS4 version is being gimped due to developers or publishers not wanting to rock the boat.

MasterCornholio3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )


Oh right both run at the same FPS and framerate. I forgot about that.

bluebenjamin3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I highly doubt that the ps4 is 40% more powerful than Xbox one, and I don't own either I'm a PC gamer

claudionmc3196d ago

@bluebenjamin PS4 1.84 Tflops, 18 compute units. Xbox One 1.31 Tflops, 12 compute units. 40% gap in tflops, 50% gap in compute units.

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Kiwi663197d ago

Well given how going by what DF said it was built with ps4 in mind what do you expect as it seems like the xb1 version was an afterthought yet some people will run with this as usual

gfk3423196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Yeah, let's take for granted everything DF say. s/

The most obvious explanation is that PS4 won this face off do to its (much) better hardware.

Why is so hard to be accepted by some people.

This result is just a continuation of what happened in the past week, in which the PS4 had the better version (resolution & frame rate) of Battlefront 3 and Witcher 3.

Also, the ugly frame rates in the X1 version is also due to the 1080p resolution. This is the reason why most of the developeres are going for 900p for X1.

DarXyde3197d ago

This is clearly a case of poor optimizations on Xbox One. There's no reason this game should be dropping to 40fps on one and remain rock solid on another.

I suspect this is the same team at Platinum responsible for The Legend of Korra.

There is good news coming from this though. That means, unless Platinum is split into more than 2 teams, their A team is the one working on Scalebound. I expect great optimizations, especially because it's an exclusive.

sashimi3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

"There's no reason this game should be dropping to 40fps on one and remain rock solid on another."

Maybe...just maybe...they have different hardware just saying. I mean this is a 1080p60fps game, i mean how many multiplats with 60fps run exactly the same on ps4/xbox without cutbacks somewhere? even mgs5 which had a much larger budget and dev cycle there is cutbacks.

but you expect these movie games to run on parity?

KwietStorm_BLM3196d ago

That's the second time you've used "movie game" as an excuse. It's not a movie game. It's licensed. It's not based on a movie. No Transformers movie has even released recently, let alone a G1 movie. You do know Transformers existed long before the Michael Bay abominations?

DarXyde3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Are you really bringing Metal Gear Solid V into this? That is a very well optimized game with a comparable frame rate and resolution. That is an example of where PS4 SHOULD have an advantage because that's definitely a game where keeping a high frame rate and resolution is remarkable. Not a budget title like Transformers. This isn't a demanding game. It's just as bad as Revelations 2 having that frame drop on PS4 near the shrubbery in Barry's mission. That is totally poor optimization.

And really, look at this game. The PS4 is likely not even being pushed very hard at all. We're talking about a twenty frame drop. TWENTY.

The hardware might be different, but there are far more demanding games on both consoles and the bad optimizations shine through here. Using Revelations 2 as an example again, that game is tiny compared to MGSV, yet it had a bad frame hitch unseen in The Phantom Pain, a far more demanding title.

The Phantom Pain does not hit the gold standard" on Xbox One, but comes pretty close. There's no reason a developer should have failed here unless there were time or budget concerns. I'm sure the game is still enjoyable but this is clearly a budget title that probably has a bit of time pressure. Add the generation goes on, differences in power would not surprise me, BUT for a title like this? I don't buy this game causing much strain for either platform.

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Eldyraen3197d ago

I enjoyed it on PS4--all I care about. Think I noticed screen tearing about 2-3 times in first section of the game (city) but otherwise it ran fine and played great. It might had been part of the game though as it has occasional old crt TV/cartoon "quirks" in it by design which was nice actually and kind of cool.

Not the most complicated Action game but for old fans especially it is worth a rent at least imo.

VINNIEPAZ3197d ago

Was wondering which preformed better. Guess Im getting the PS4 version

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Activision's Transformers Games Have Been Relisted On Xbox And Steam Stores

Activision's Transformers games have been relisted on the Xbox and Steam stores, suggesting they could be available in the future.

Inverno12d ago

Aw snap, i pirated the first game since I couldn't get it on steam but couldn't get it to work. Guess i don't gotta go out of my way now. Now if only SONY worked with em to port over Edge of Time or remastered Shattered and Edge.

11d ago
Redgrave11d ago

The bots have returned!

*slow dramatic falling to the floor*

Inverno11d ago

"please add .com" what a well mannered bot.

CobraKai12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

WTF? I’ve been wanting to replay Fall/War games. So bummed they didn’t make em backwards compatible. I think imma have to dig out my 360 out of storage

P_Bomb11d ago

Really wish they’d finish off the Fall/War run as a trilogy. The IP’s being wasted on mediocre games.

CobraKai11d ago

Yeah. Didn’t they try and merge the movie game and the Cybertron game for Dark of the Moon or something?

P_Bomb11d ago

I think they tried, but that’s one game I never played. Which is funny cuz I have the other movie games. Last TF game I bought was Devastation.

FinalFantasyFanatic11d ago

I really loved those games, I have them on my Steam account, but I wish they made more games like that.